Menifee 24/7 Adoptable Pet(s) of The Week: Kona, Nova, and Emily

We generally feature one homeless pet each who is looking for a loving, forever family. However, th...

We generally feature one homeless pet each who is looking for a loving, forever family. However, these three mixed puppies are all siblings from the same litter and all really need to find permanent homes.

Adoptable pets of the week, Kona, Nova, and Emily.

Names: Kona, Nova, and Emily

Kona and Nova are nearly identical brindle puppies, except that Nova is bigger. The black pup is Emily and she is the smallest of the liter.

Breed: Lab/ Pitbull mix

Age: 17 weeks

Gender: Females, all spayed

Their story: This litter of four was left in a cardboard box by the gate of Sun City K9 Adoptions. When they arrived on June 1st they were brand new little puppies, between eight and ten weeks of age.

There were originally four siblings, but lucky for one, she was adopted early on. Now as the puppies continue to get older, their chances for adoption begin to decline. If you are in the market for a puppy, these little sweethearts are absolutely adorable.

At 8 weeks old they were relatively small but have continued to grow quickly ever since, and are already pretty big for puppies. They will most likely be fairly large dogs when full grown.

Temperament: Puppies will be puppies. These three are a rambunctious bunch full of young puppy energy. They have been at SCK9 since they were old enough to leave their mother, needless to say they still need to be house trained as well as begin behavior training.

Because they are so young they are at the perfect age to train to be wonderfully integrated family dogs. They get along very well with each other and with the other dogs at the kennel. They are also extremely people friendly and really just want to play and be loved.

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