Brian Plus Amanda Photography, A Mother's Love

As we delve deeper into the broad scope of talent that makes up Brian Plus Amanda Photography , we d...

As we delve deeper into the broad scope of talent that makes up Brian Plus Amanda Photography, we discover they are not only masterminds at capturing heart warming newborn moments but also, the months before.

This photography duo originally began their business shooting maternity and have continued to grow their little company exponentially ever since. They can (and have) photographed pregnant mommas-to-be as early as fourteen weeks, but suggest the optimum time is between twenty-eight and thirty-three weeks.

Another option is to shoot progressive photos throughout the pregnancy, and then to have Brian compile each frame in the same print for a time-lapse effect in which the final photo is the actual baby.

Ideally, the best time for the shoot is whenever momma feels the most comfortable. Since they aim to capture the excitement and pure joy an expectant mother feels, the shoot is as much about the pregnant belly as it is about each woman embracing her beautiful body.

Brian and Amanda urge expectant parents to inquire early on in their pregnancy, so to allow for ample planning for the maternity shoot. Clients who book both maternity and newborn sessions together receive 15% off all of their prints.

They offer two different styles for maternity sessions, in studio and on location. The studio is used for more intimate posed pictures, and the outdoor location shoots allow for more options and lighting variations.

While they tend to favor certain locations, such as downtown Redlands for the old architecture and the Santa Rosa Plateau for its beautiful scenery, each session turns out uniquely special.

Brian and Amanda provide most all of the props and suggest the parents bring a sonogram, baby’s first shoes, and any other personal items.