Skate Park to Come to Menifee

Skateboard enthusiasts throughout Menifee can breathe a sigh of relief – a skate park is coming to Menifee.

Having been rumored to open since Menifee’s official conception, a location has now been set in the Audie Murphy Ranch development off of Newport Road.

The skate park will be a part of the Audie Murphy Ranch
development off of Newport Road.
Set to open in March of 2013, the fully equipped skate park will be accompanied by a public Sports Park. This area will also include basketball courts, soccer fields, playgrounds, and 11 acres of fun for the community.

Councilmember Darcy Kuenzi, who spearheaded the committee that jumpstarted the project, knew that this idea would be beneficial for Menifee from the start. 

“There have been inquires about the lack of activity in Menifee," she states. "We need more healthy activities for our youth to participate in and there is a high demand for a skate park, and that is my overall goal with this committee.”

A campaign group called the “Menifee Skate ParkProject” turned toward Facebook last year in hopes of getting the community involved in the crusade for the construction of a skate park. With hundreds of “likes” on their page, the plea is clear – Menifee is tired of trekking to other cities to skate.

Although it is still in the process of being built, the highly anticipated skate park is already being supported on a larger scale.

Professional skater Justin Gordon is part of Hurst Industriez, which will be sponsoring the new park. 

Justin Gordon, a professional skateboarder and soon to be Menifee citizen, is a part of the Hurst Industriez team that is sponsoring the grand opening of the park. He intends to play a hand in the construction of the park and ensure that “they will cater to the needs of the skaters while still remaining cost effective.”

Justin has also found that community’s with skate parks flourish.  “You see it all the time in communities that have skate parks, the kids are much more active and involved,” he observes. “It’s a great way to get kids off the streets and get them moving. The crime rate also tends to be much lower in these areas.”

Dennis Chapman, head of the Audie Murphy development with Brookfield Homes, has been quoted saying “He feels that while it is not a 'world class park' that the Skate Park Project had been dreaming of, it will be a very nice skate park with elements for skaters of all skill levels.”

This sign awaits eager skaters at the new location for the park.
To find out more about the Audie Murphy Ranch neighborhood visit their site here.

For more information about Justin Gordon and Hurst Industriez, visit the company website.


  1. Kudos for Darcy.Thank you for your efforts to get this project started.

  2. Traffic nightmare extraordinair around this area.

    This planning is getting us deeper like Temecula.

    SLOW IT DOWN !!!

    1. I think you need to slow it down on the negative comments, menifee has been sleeping in temeculas shadows loNg enough

  3. The kids need a place and so does the community here, lover it! !


  5. Great news! the kids need it :)

  6. This is great news! We thank the Audie Murphy folks for going the xtra mile in putting this in for all of our young people here in Menifee.

  7. remember to share with those youth the values that Audie Murphy had. He was a hero and a gentlemen.

  8. Any updates when this park should be done and ready for public access?



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