Oasis Maids Makes Cleaning Convenient for Everyone

Cleaning is one of those things that usually takes the back seat in the whirlwind of daily activitie...

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Cleaning is one of those things that usually takes the back seat in the whirlwind of daily activities. Between feeding the family, doing laundry, helping with homework, walking the dog, taking a shower, going to work, somehow cleaning the house becomes more and more time consuming.

So Oasis Maids came up with the concept to make residential cleaning affordable for anyone that finds themself short on time. Housekeepers and cleaning crews are no longer only for the wealthy, because in all honesty everyone deserves a clean home to return to at the end of the day, but nobody really has the time.

Oasis Maids has taken training its employees in stride and has a constantly growing team of experts to tend to everything from your dusty frames to those sticky kitchen floors.

With a professional background in commercial cleaning, Oasis Maids founder Eric Juarez decided to bring his skills into the homes of many Southern California residents at more than affordable rates - and as an active United States Marine, Eric has passed along his training in time management and efficiency to his employees.

With strong ideals and morals at the center of the company, Eric strives to provide top service by hiring the best possible candidates, and to make his services available to everyone.

When running his business, Eric puts forth his best effort, and he fully expects the same from each of his employees. Upon hiring, each individual is put through an extensive training, and until they are prepared to go above and beyond average service, they remain in training.

Actual homes of different sizes and levels of cleanliness are used for trainees to practice while Eric teaches the company standards and observes his employee’s technique. All personnel have an extensive knowledge of the cleaning products used and are required to maintain a professional appearance and attitude at all times.

Oasis Maids specializes in cleaning homes of all sizes, from apartment to large square footage, as well as various states of cleanliness and disarray. Before your cleaning session, a phone consultation will evaluate the condition of your home and specify the number of cleaning personnel and time needed to properly clean your home.

One to three trained technicians clean your home in one to four hour increments, depending on the cleaning required.

Another unique aspect of Oasis Maids is the five levels of service offered to customers.

1. One time deep clean: For homes necessitating a super in depth cleaning.

2. Signature service, reoccurring clean: For maintenance housework, clients can schedule regular monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly cleaning services

3. Ready to rent/ Ready to sell: This service deep cleans a home so it is ready for a renter or buyer to view the property and potentially move in.

4. Before and after party clean: Can get your home ready for company, and will even come back and clean after the fun is done.

5. Move in/ Move out: In order to reclaim your cleaning deposit and get ready to sell, let Oasis Maids detail your empty house. Or clean a home before you move in if the landlord/ previous sellers have not already done so.