Menifee Residents Seek Help in Making a Pitch for a Trader Joe's Store in Town

City officials aren't the only ones trying to attract new businesses to Menifee. A group of resi...

City officials aren't the only ones trying to attract new businesses to Menifee. A group of residents have started a campaign to bring to town a Trader Joe's market.

Trader Joe's, which provides specialty food items in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, is popular with shoppers seeking healthy alternatives to processed foods. The nearest Trader Joe's story is in Temecula, which isn't close enough for some Menifee residents, including Mandy DeMuth.

DeMuth and several of her friends and co-workers have gone on the Trader Joe's website to request a store location in Menifee. She hopes that by getting enough local residents to request a Trader Joe's location here, it may one day become reality.

"The nearest three stores -- Winchester Road in Temecula, Corona and Riverside -- are too far for my 77-year-old mom to drive," DeMuth said in an email. "My mom shared with her fellow citizens this link to try to let Trader Joe's know that we're here and want a store built locally -- but most of the senior community are not computer savvy. Please help me spread the potential of bringing Trader Joe's locally."

DeMuth said she and her mother prefer to shop at Trader Joe's "because of the quality products, pre-prepared portions and customer service for the value ... We like the choice of fresh items that are quick for me or easy for her. Gluten free, fat free and low sodium products are simple for us to identify there."

She says the parking lot at the Temecula store is small and crowded and that even that drive is sometimes too much for her mother. She urges residents to request a Menifee location for Trader Joe's by visiting the store's webpage here...

Menifee city council member Sue Kristjansson is also a proponent of a Trader Joe's store in Menifee.

"Trader Joe's would be a great addition to our city," Kristjansson said. "It's a great specialty store that has products not necessarily available in traditional grocery stores.

"We absolutely need to encourage businesses to come to Menifee. We have a fantastic city and these businesses are sure to thrive in this environment."

The Trader Joe's "location request" page listed through the above link allows residents to list their name, contact information, city for which a Trader Joe's is requested and any comments the person would like to make.


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  1. I'm all for a Trader Joe's; how about a theater too?

  2. A Trader Joe's would be nice, but so would a THEATER!

  3. Trader Joe's is okay, but don't we really need other businesses first? How about a Theater first, gives us all (including teenagers/young adults too) something to do. What about a truck stop for all the truckers that live here and near by? How about commerical and manufacturing plants so all those that now drive hours and hours just to get to a job. Trader Joe's is a speciality store and to ME, its way down the list of what we SHOULD be bringing to Menifee. I'm actually surprised that Sue isn't seeing a bigger picture. We have two farmers market, one on Friday in Sun City, the other on Sunday at San Jacinto College, a big one in Temecula if you want fresh fruit and veggies how about supporting the farmers that grow these fresh products and shop at one of these?

  4. Dear Anonymous and other skeptics,
    Get out and take a drive around - your truck stop is already in progress, Sketchers has built a manufacturing facility near by and March is now a GLOBALport! All the things you seek are coming - but the construction is not "booming" at this time - we do, however, have places to put a Trader Joes and a theater. Thing is, if we let these store fronts stay empty - it impacts us ALL... at 77, you probably wont feel like fighting the heat to find a piece of fruit either. If we did have more manufacturing "plants" in the area, it could cause pollution - just like the compost yard in Romoland - you cant have a house with in 4 miles of that with out experiencing the gut wrenching stench that comes from part of your "bigger picture" - be careful what you wish for. When your employed, you appreciate things that are simple and trustworthy - to us, this is Trader Joes - it's small enough she can get right in and right out. We wanted to share the ability to communicate to the store that we're here and we wish to bring them business. If there's a store or something that you wish to bring locally - do as we did - petition your friends and family, and if your lucky, someone like Menifee 24/7 will hear you too & also share your desire. Good luck!

  5. Trader Joe's would be nice. A Costco would be nicer and bring significantly more revenue to the city.
    As far a a theater goes, I don't see the need for it considering the digital media formats available today. I for one prefer the peace and quiet of watching a movie in my own home. No kids talking on their cell phones, texting, etc.

  6. I live in Sun City and detest going to Temecula to shop for groceries. MY WHOLE FAMILY loves Trader Joe's. Every time I do go to the Temecula TJs I say, "I wish they'd build one in Menifee." So, I vote for a Trader Joe's -- and a theater would be nice for the kids...there's not really a lot for them to do here in Menifee.

  7. to 6:51p The last I looked March is in Moreno Valley,NOT menifee! You were NOT clear where exactly is this truck stop, I do drive around I haven't seen any signs of one being built, from what I've observed they park their trucks near Taco bell off Ethanac Rd in a empty lot. Is it in Menifee, then where? Oh pls 77 is your excuse for not planting your own garden, I'm not saying we can't have a Traders Joe, I stated it shouldn't be a priortity, Yes, Indeed I 'want' manufacturing here and commericial building here! You have young ppl every day living here who have to drive hours on our freeways to work.Why shouldn't they be able to drive 10 minutes to work? You're retired and apparently have lots of time on hands,so go plant a garden! You dig a hole and put a seed in it.simple! Am I going to fight for these things, you bet,do I wish for them, of course! You knew when you moved here about dairy farms, pollution, its been here for years, your mistake was not doing your homework. I hope you do get your traders joe...eventually.

  8. I just recommended 2 sites, the former Blockbuster store on Bradley/Newport and the former Alberstons store on Newport/Muiretta. These locations will also bring residents (and their $$) from the cities of Canyon Lake,Lake Elsinore, and Muiretta. As for bringing manufacturing & theaters to Menifee - everyone doesn't have the network required for those ventures. BUT if we ALL do what we can in our areas of influence THEN we will see good things happens for Menifee. Be positive, negitivity is very draining and not productive.

  9. Irene Martin (resident since 2003)June 24, 2012 10:19 AM

    I love the idea of a movie theater & any other businesses that will keep Menifee residents like me from having to drive all over the place for entertainment & food varieties. I commute just under 90 mi. For work (round trip) & I absolutely would love to avoid going into the other cities for things we could & should have here in Menifee! Lets keep our $ in our city.

  10. Trader Joes is cheap, good quality food. Why not encourage a business that has good practices, for itself and the environment? A good quality grocery store would be beneficial to everyone!

  11. How about a bowling alley? with a snack bar for the younger ones and parents to go to? It can fit into the old Albertsons!! Fun too! Just a thought. Anybody like that idea? There can be leagues and bring the community together.

  12. Trader Joes or a Sprouts/Henrys. We need a grocery store with more organic and fresh locally grown vegetables. We have lots of elders and people with cancer and various diseases that need better, fresher, organic fruits veggies. Also many of these stores have a little coffee, lunch area which would be a draw as well.

  13. As for organic and fresh grown veggies, where are all the rural folks? No Farmers here? Menifee is surrounded by rural and we 'need' to bring in a store? Support your FARMERS MARKETS THAT ARE HERE! The veggies and fruit etc come right out of the very land the rural folks keep pushing here in Menifee..why would we need these stores to bring in fresh produces from where,Sacramento, Imperial Vly? When you have it twice a week right here under your noses! Friday, all day in SUN CITY, there is your OLD FOLKS! Sunday at San Jacinto for everyone else. I'm simply not getting why your NOT shopping at the farmers Markets and helping out the local farmers.
    Secondly, Albertsons is HUGH building and no doubt expensive to rent the entire building for a Traders Joe. The Blockbuster would be excellent for a Dennys! Newport is going to be a road that will connect lots of cities from I-215 to I-15 and most likely others as well, it WILL be a busy road for LOTS of folks, NOT just Menifee...You need to think bigger and NOT locally, like McDonalds has vision for, THEY did their homework! This is the way the future is going to be, thousands of car's zipping thru our community going someplace else. If the City does there homework they'll put the right restaurants and stores on those roads, and Scott Rd to bring in the money for Menifee, FROM those who are passing thru.

  14. I bought some fruit from the Menifee Market and got home and notice on the labels they were from Peru. Never went back there again. It was just like a flea market. We do need a Traders Joe's or Sprouts!

  15. 10:39a I don't know what Menifee Market you went to, it sounds like a regular grocery store instead of a OPEN Farmers Market that have 'fresh produce'. One would think Trader Joes' paid you folks to advertise for a Trader Joes to rush into Menifee. That's great but please support the local farmers here first! This store can arrive later when the city is more established. Besides, the farmers pick right out of their field right before selling, how much fresher can you get? I get the feeling its NOT the produce at all you want but, to be SEEN in a yuppies market. I'll bet your the same folks who sit outside at Starbucks-right?

  16. The Menifee Market I WENT to was the one on Sunday's at the college. It was not a regular store, that is what is pissing me off, that the label DID say Peru. I really didn't see any real farmers vegetables or fruits there. The one in Sun City on Friday's does seem to have more of the real deal. Oh, I am not some yuppie that just wants to be seen in a Trader Joe's or do I even go to a Starbucks. I am an old grandmother, not some bimbo. It just sounds like your just an idiot!

  17. I bet any of you that a Cardenas hispanic market will come first before your trader joes or theaters or even a bowling alley.... just wait! by the way, my uncles own Cardenas markets and are pushing hard to come to the great city of menifee...

  18. Sue KristjanssonJune 30, 2012 9:43 AM

    Great debate! My philosophy is "all of the above"! I think a Cardenas would be excellent, a Costco would also be amazing, as would any other business that shows an interest in Menifee. The Farmer's Markets provide us with a great community opportunity with quality products developed locally or near locally (for the most part) and I see those continuing to grow and be successful.

    The best thing about Menifee is the diversity of our people - all ethnicities, philosophies, demographics and with that a great opportunity to mould Menifee into a community that has something for everyone. Not to mention we need to capture the tax revenue that we are allowing to slip out to neighboring communities.

    Great article Menifee 247!

  19. it sounds as though you are a farmer who's goods are not selling that well at a local farmer's market? Perhaps you have the ability to get around at exactly 9am-1pm on a Friday or Saturday - GOOD FOR YOU! We (and I imagine other employed folks) dont! The old Exxon on Ethanac has changed into a 76 station and they have the big trucks in mind, eventually there will be shops there to entertain the long distance traveler, but in the mean time it's a nice quiet place for weary trucker to catch some undisturbed rest... footsteps from a Starbucks, 24hr Winco, bank, and restaurants. Perhaps it's at the boarder of Perris, but it's tucked in Menifee... ( the PERFECT location for it!

  20. We lived in Temecula when the residents were pleading with Trader Joe's to come to town. Be aware that they have extremely specific demographic requirements before they will build. If they say you need 82,789 residents, and you have 82,788, it won't happen. And that is just the first step in their process. That's why it took over 10 years for TJ's to come to Temecula. Don't hold your breath in this economy.

  21. I love Trader Joes and it would be really nice. I would really love to see a Henry's Market. Their sales and produce quality are way better than the grocery chains. They could take the old Albertsons. Hemet and Temecula is just way too far to drive, but when I go there, I always stop there to stock up. I do not want to see Fresh & Easy. A theather would be cool also for sure.
    KG in Menifee



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