Menifee Residents Seek Help in Making a Pitch for a Trader Joe's Store in Town

City officials aren't the only ones trying to attract new businesses to Menifee. A group of resi...

City officials aren't the only ones trying to attract new businesses to Menifee. A group of residents have started a campaign to bring to town a Trader Joe's market.

Trader Joe's, which provides specialty food items in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, is popular with shoppers seeking healthy alternatives to processed foods. The nearest Trader Joe's story is in Temecula, which isn't close enough for some Menifee residents, including Mandy DeMuth.

DeMuth and several of her friends and co-workers have gone on the Trader Joe's website to request a store location in Menifee. She hopes that by getting enough local residents to request a Trader Joe's location here, it may one day become reality.

"The nearest three stores -- Winchester Road in Temecula, Corona and Riverside -- are too far for my 77-year-old mom to drive," DeMuth said in an email. "My mom shared with her fellow citizens this link to try to let Trader Joe's know that we're here and want a store built locally -- but most of the senior community are not computer savvy. Please help me spread the potential of bringing Trader Joe's locally."

DeMuth said she and her mother prefer to shop at Trader Joe's "because of the quality products, pre-prepared portions and customer service for the value ... We like the choice of fresh items that are quick for me or easy for her. Gluten free, fat free and low sodium products are simple for us to identify there."

She says the parking lot at the Temecula store is small and crowded and that even that drive is sometimes too much for her mother. She urges residents to request a Menifee location for Trader Joe's by visiting the store's webpage here...

Menifee city council member Sue Kristjansson is also a proponent of a Trader Joe's store in Menifee.

"Trader Joe's would be a great addition to our city," Kristjansson said. "It's a great specialty store that has products not necessarily available in traditional grocery stores.

"We absolutely need to encourage businesses to come to Menifee. We have a fantastic city and these businesses are sure to thrive in this environment."

The Trader Joe's "location request" page listed through the above link allows residents to list their name, contact information, city for which a Trader Joe's is requested and any comments the person would like to make.


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