Menifee: Local Golf Camp Teaches Life Lessons

For Golf Pro Jaime Sanchez, golf is more than a game, it’s a chance to teach children some of life...

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For Golf Pro Jaime Sanchez, golf is more than a game, it’s a chance to teach children some of life’s most important lessons; lessons in humility, accountability, honesty, and respect.

With over thirty years experience in sports and golf in particular, Jaime decided to put aside his professional clubs in exchange for something far more rewarding, the chance to change a child’s life.

His idea was to put together a golf camp for kids of all ages and all walks of life, to offer everyone a fair opportunity at an activity not readily available to every child. Thus his pioneer golf program was born and has been breathing new life back into North Golf Course in Sun City ever since its start just one year ago.

Once primarily a senior citizen community and course, Jaime’s mission has revitalized a once stale sport and opened the door for so many young athletes.

His golf instruction seeks to teach children ages 7 to 16 the fundamentals of golf and to act as a true ambassador of the game. He has also succeeded in mentoring many kids and providing them an opportunity they might not otherwise have been afforded.

While it has been an up hill battle to get the program started, Jaime knows his students will use the core values he instills in them throughout their lives. In the end, he says, “It’s not even about golf anymore, it’s about life.”

He strongly believes no child should be left behind, meaning where there is a will, he will find a way to let them play. Spending from his own pockets, and collecting sets of old clubs from garage sales and thrift stores his vision has slowly come to life.

His enthusiasm was contagious and big name sponsors, like local Sports Chalet and Adams Golf, quickly hopped on board and extended a generous hand in providing equipment and donations.

“What I’ve done is made it easy for anyone to play the game.,” Jaime explains. Finding any means necessary he has encouraged children to pick up a club and to learn about life in the process, “It’s more than just hitting the ball.”

The Golf Camp promises to teach participants the rules of the game, the etiquette involved, respect for the sport, GAPP fundamentals, and of course, the actual game of golf.

Camp is held Tuesday through Thursday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM every week beginning June 5, 2012 through August 28, 2012. Camp includes lunch and snacks each day.

North Golf Course
26660 McCall Blvd
Menifee, CA
Golf pro instructor: Jaime Sanchez
(951) 639-7182


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