Elevate Fitness Helps Runners Move Smoother

In less than two weeks Menifee’s inaugural half marathon and 5K will commence with a flurry of ampe...

In less than two weeks Menifee’s inaugural half marathon and 5K will commence with a flurry of amped athletes ready to race to the finish line. As the official marathon training center, Elevate Fitness has been helping runners step up their game one stride at a time.

One of the most notable aspects of Elevate’s style of training is their recognition that each person body is absolutely unique, therefore requiring a completely individualized set of stretches and training techniques.

Their main goal, as far as the half marathon is concerned, is to help runners with their flexibility. While you would never guess it, runners and triathletes actually have some of the worst overall flexibility because they don’t take the time to stretch properly.

Running doesn’t put the joints through a full range of motion leading to locked-up joints and muscles, resulting in pain and injury.

Elevate owner and trainer, Paul David comments; “In the last few years I have seen a higher incidence of Achilles tears and calf strains than ever before.”

He goes on to say, “It’s great people are running more and working to get in shape, but what they’re not realizing is that their bodies aren’t ready for all of the increased stress running causes.”

His suggestion? Ease into running and working out, or let a professional help you slowly work up. This is where Elevate will gladly step in with their expertise, because flexibility can ultimately change how you move it is an important first step.

In general most people are stretching incorrectly. If you don’t know what areas to stretch and how to properly stretch them, you can actually create injuries by stretching the wrong areas and muscles.

As the official Training Center for the Menifee Half Marathon, Elevate’s marathon training program is completely complimentary to registered entrants. So, if you’ve already been training for the Menifee half and are looking for a little extra boost, contact Elevate to schedule your consultation.

The training program begins with a seven point FMS (functional movement stretch) assessment screen. From this evaluation an Elevate trainer can then develop the appropriate targeted stretches based on what is best for each individual’s body.

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This targeted plan focuses on three main elements; myostacial release, dynamic warm-up, and sports flexibility drills.

Myofascial release is the art of soft tissue massage used to break up muscle knots. Elite athletes have massage therapists to help them recover after their competition. Elevate teaches individuals without personal masseuses how to release the tension in their muscles on their own.

Paul says, “Tomorrows best athlete is not the one that trains the hardest, but the one that recovers the best.”

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