MSJC President Gives State of the College Address

Members from all over the community gathered together yesterday morning to listen in as MSJC Preside...

Members from all over the community gathered together yesterday morning to listen in as MSJC President Roger Schultz gave his State of the College address. Beginning the meeting with introductions around the room, Schultz moved into presenting the demographics for the college. As MSJC has been ranked the #1 college in the Inland Empire for three years in a row, it is only expected that several success stories, about students and faculty alike, were shared.

To read about a few of these standout citizens, please visit the “Faces” page on the college website here. President Schultz highly encourages this section of the website because it proves that the “demographics and numbers are more than just statistics, these stories makes them real.”

With record enrollment numbers in the past few years, MSJC is flourishing more than ever. Several new building are planned to go up as the 15 year old Menifee campus gets a full blown makeover expected to be completed by 2050. The Humanities building, currently under construction, is the first step in this renovation plan and is expected to be revealed this coming fall.

Blueprint plans for what is expected for the Menifee MSJC campus come 2050.

Having faced over $9 million in budget cuts since 2008, MSJC is forced to raise tuition prices to $46 per unit beginning this summer. However, with the vast number of students enrolled, the majority of graduates will stay in the area after completing their programs, therefore serving as an economic benefit to the local community.

As the MSJC district prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the 2012-2013 school year, Schultz admits that he expects the campus to continue heading in a positive direction.“MSJC is flourishing now, and I have high hopes that it will continue to do so as we move into the future.”
Pictured left to right are Sonja Prince, Mrs. Menifee Valley Chamber; Dr. Roger Schultz, Superintendent/President Mt. San Jacinto College; Dorothy Wolons, Menifee Chamber’s CEO and JoAnna Quejada, MSJC’s Dean of Student Development.