Menifee 24/7 Favorite 5: Earth Day

Today we celebrate our wonderful world in all of its natural beauty. In honor of Earth Day we have put together a favorite five list of environmentally friendly things you can do today to help and love our earth.

Don’t drive: Ride your bike.

Just for today, try not to drive, at all. Not only is it way more fun to walk or bike around, but you’ll also be exercising while saving the planet.

Ride your bicycles to one of Menifee’s many parks and have a sunny day picnic.

Save a cup: Sip at Starbucks.

Starbucks is celebrating too today. Bring in your reusable cup and they’ll give you a free fill up of coffee, iced coffee, or tea. Free to you, good for the trees.

Think green: Plant something.

It’s officially spring planting season. Plant a pretty window box of fresh herbs to keep in you kitchen for fun and convenient cooking.

Recycle: Clean out your closets, and your cupboards.

Time for a wardrobe make over. Pile up all your clothes and shoes that no longer fit and take them to Urban Exchange for a little extra cash, or donate them to one of our local good cause thrift stores.

Reuse: Earth day toy exchange.

Round up unwanted toys and head out to New House Menifee Community Park today at 2:00 for an Earth Day toy exchange. Swap your outgrown toys for new (to you) exciting ones.


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