Sales Coach Ursula Mentjes Reinspires Many

Last Wednesday acclaimed inspirational speaker Ursula Mentjes spoke to a luncheon of NAFE (National ...

Last Wednesday acclaimed inspirational speaker Ursula Mentjes spoke to a luncheon of NAFE (National Association for Female Executives) ladies in an effort to re-energize their excitement for both life and business.

Longtime friend and mentor, Robbie Motter was able to borrow Mentjes from her busy schedule in order to offer NAFE members and their guests a motivational surprise.

Coming from a place of experience Mentjes profoundly stated, “ I want to inspire you to get re inspired in your business…You have to make the decision to live in your purpose.”

Ursula Mentjes
In just 30 short minutes she was able to touch on ten points important to staying focused and increasing sales. Her succinct manner of presentation made her concepts both easy to grasp and seemingly realistic to achieve.

Aside from educated speaker, Mentjes is also a sales coach and consultant and has authored the book Selling With Intention. This is ultimately the bottom line of her teaching, be clear on you intention and you will achieve more than you even imagined.

She answered audience questions with precise specialization demonstrating her broad wealth of knowledge and ability to help people on an individual level. Her contagious enthusiasm was warmly received and left everyone in the audience eager to go out and get selling.

Learn more about Ursula’s secrets to selling on her website,

Or join her at her exclusive Sales Coach Now- Live 2012 conference this Friday, February 17 and Saturday, February 18 in Garden Grove. This two day seminar will expand on her 10 principles of selling with intention and help to teach people how to be even more successful. Click for more information.


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