New Skatepark in Menifee Scheduled for Completion by March 2013

Mieke Tankink, who is on the Menifee Skatepark Committee , reports that plans are now in the works to build a skatepark in Menifee, inside A...

Mieke Tankink, who is on the Menifee Skatepark Committee, reports that plans are now in the works to build a skatepark in Menifee, inside Audie Murphy Ranch, a housing development along Newport Rd, near the border with Canyon Lake.

The following is a letter she sent to us today...

I spoke to Dennis Chapman, of the Audie Murphy development with Brookfield Homes. They have submitted grading plans for the park at "PA39 site" south of Newport Rd. The park is about 11 acres and will include a tot park, basketball, baseball, soccer field AND Skate Park. He feels that while it's not a 'world class park' that the Skate Park Project had been dreaming of, it will be a very nice skate park with elements for skaters of all skill levels.

His son is the on site manager of the development and is himself an avid skater and surfer and has helped in the design of the skate park so that it includes features for all different skateboard abilities. The park includes Basketball court, soccer and baseball fields, with tot area, etc. The park is being built at their own expense, including all the public trails, roads, lights etc., that would normally be part of the city infrastructure. The parking lot won't be adjacent to the skate park, but you'll be able to skate from the parking lot to the skate park.

We contacted him after the preliminary plans were submitted, but he would be happy to listen to any input that the skaters and residents of Menifee have on elements or features that would make it a better skate park. He was clear, that any suggestions would need to fall within the scope of the projects needs, but he and his team could start with a formal presentation of their existing plans, and then the team would listen to any suggestions or comments that the skaters and the community has.

He doesn't have any bmx features at this time, but suggested we may be able to work something out with the Pechanga tribe who currently doesn't want any traffic on the parcel that is being gifting back to them. The outcropping might make a great place for hiking and bike trails if that could be worked out with the tribe.

We will try to put some kind of presentation together this month with time for brainstorming and Q & A.

We need a venue that includes a laptop, projector, easel or chalkboard, etc... and seating for attendees and invited guests. He's sure that his marketing group would like to attend and will try to find a date that works for them. He's thinking he can field ideas on a chalkboard and his team can try to whittle it down.

The GREAT news is, that it will be a fully public park and it will be built this year....fully completed and opening no later than march 2013. So, YES! Menifee will have a skate park. He did like the idea of having a world class skatepark in Menifee, but he knew that the site that he calls PA39 on the south side of Newport, could not accommodate the features that would involve. The location, parking, 3 homes are adjacent to the park....etc., are settled....and his mission isn't skateparks, but great residential communities.


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