MSJC Eagle Radio And TV Stations Are A Hidden Gem

Located in the middle of Southern California, Riverside County is truly one of the prime locations f...

Located in the middle of Southern California, Riverside County is truly one of the prime locations for the broadcasting business. Mt. San Jacinto College has taken advantage of their location and created a state of the art Audio Technology Center at their San Jacinto location. This center comprises of several different studios that host both their Eagle Radio Network as well as their Eagle Vision News Station.

Evelyn Hartley, who hosts her own biweekly radio show on Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9-10 AM, shared her experiences with the on campus program.

“I was originally a business major, but when I found out about the station at MSJC I figured that radio would be a good way to express myself,” she shares. “It was like an epiphany; I had that ‘AH-HA!’ moment and realized that I had found my place.” Evelyn has taken her experiences at the college level and has used them to help jumpstart a career for herself. She has held an internship with 99.1 KGGI and currently interns with 101.3-The Mix.

Evelyn is just one of several people involved with the radio network. Bing Bruce, the Studio Engineer, and Dave Parrott, who is also a professor on campus, precede Evelyn’s show with the BAD show, airing Mondays-Thursdays from 8-9 AM. While Evelyn’s show is more music based and features games such as “Soundtrack Trio,” where listeners have to try and guess which movie soundtrack a featured song is from, the BAD show focuses more on entertainment. This show is also streamed on the TV network, which can be found on channel 45 through Verizon Fios.

Despite the many budget cuts affecting the campus, the Radio and News Stations are two programs that have been able to hold their ground. Receiving equipment donations from Walt Disney Studios, the Audio Technology Department has been able to continue broadcasting their material as well as give students a hands on experience using up to date technology.

“What is unique with us is that our studios are set up exactly like the professionals in Hollywood and Burbank,” says Bing Bruce. “That way when the students get out there in the real world, they aren’t as intimidated. They can say ‘Okay, yeah, I can deal with this.’”

The Eagle Vision studio includes a news anchor desk and green screen area for the newscasters. There are over a dozen students involved in the show's production, including two anchors, a sports newscaster, a weather woman, and Evelyn, who handles the entertainment section.

With listeners tuning in worldwide for Evelyn’s show from countries such as Jordan, Greece, and the UK, MSJC’s program holds much prestige in the broadcast world. However, they are hoping to spread more awareness of their program across the Inland Empire region, as many students are unaware that these programs exist and have plenty of opportunities to offer.

“I want people to realize that in a world without much peace, music is the one thing that brings us together,” enthuses Evelyn.

Sponsorships with local businesses are highly appreciated by both stations. You can call 951-487-3667 if you are interested becoming a sponsor for the Eagle Network or if would like them to broadcast live from your event. Make sure to also check out Evelyn’s Facebook page under DJ Eve Hart to stay in the loop with all that goes on during her show!

You can tune in to the Eagle Radio Network online by clicking here.


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  1. DJ Eve Hart is a very dear friend of mine and I highly look up to her for her hard work in getting into this business. Her hard work and dedication is going to take her to the next level of accomplishing her dream. She is a natural with this business so I know this is where she belongs. Thumbs up to DJ Eve Hart, you are the best!

  2. I have the pleasure of knowing DJ Eve Hart. She is very much an inspiration to anyone who has a dream and a goal they are trying to reach. DJ Eve Hart is humble, yet drivin to succeed in all her aspirations and I am certain that she will be an asset to any radio station.
    I look forward to hearing more of her soon!!! PEACE OUT!:)