Sun City Library’s Author Meet and Greet

Sun City Library will be hosting their first author’s meet and greet event featuring fifteen local a...

Sun City Library will be hosting their first author’s meet and greet event featuring fifteen local authors on Saturday January 21st. From 10:00 am until 2:00 pm the public will have the opportunity to chat and mingle with some of Menifee’s resident authors.

Sun City Library
Experience the excitement as these writers share with you the very heart and soul of their work. Talented local author Pamela Wagstaff says, “There is nothing more exciting than holding your very first book in your hands and seeing the result of what you have created.”

Pamela will be on hand showcasing her first two published works, Beneath The Door and Paradoxes. An abstract take on poetry, Beneath The Door is inspired by the life and death of Sylvia Plath and seeks to explore the depths of inner thought and emotion. Paradoxes creatively combines black and white photography with poetry for a truly unique reading experience.

Pamela Wagstaff
Menifee 24/7’s own Tina Walker will also be featuring her book of poetry, Finding Christ Inside. Tina remarked with a grin, “Most people who know me would be shocked to know I have a serious side, so poetry really surprises them.”

However shocking poetry may be, those who know Tina can speak to her continuous support for the Community Cupboard. Her gracious pledge to donate all daily proceeds from her book sales to the Cupboard comes of little surprise, but with great appreciation nonetheless.

With no particular set speakers, the open house style schedule for the day aims at allowing people to come and go as they please. Each author will be offering his or her published work for purchase and autograph. In addition they will be discussing the art of writing, writing as a career, their book(s), and anything else fellow writers and readers may be interested in.

There is something for everyone with a broad range of authors in varying genres participating, including children’s books, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. One author has even offered to give away copies of his book to those who are interested.

The Sun City Library Poetry Group will also be in attendance as they enthusiastically publish their first collaborative book in which each Poetry Group member contributed a chapter of content. Using the Flash Book Press at Grace Rowan Library in Temecula they were able to self publish and maintain their book just as they had envisioned.

Shirley Wible from the Sun City Library is excited over the momentum the author event has gained. Growing from just one author to fifteen interested parties, Shirley shares, “With all of the wide spread interest, hopefully it will become a yearly event.”

Help us spread the word (no pun intended), and support our local authors.