Murder Mystery Dinner Scheduled for Saturday, February 4

There will be a Murder Mystery Dinner to raise funds for the Kay Ceniceros Community Center. This is the third year that the center has held a murder mystery dinner.

The one-night only presentation is scheduled for Saturday February 4 at 6 pm, so don't miss it. Tickets are $50 individual, $90 couple. Call 951-672-9673.

The cast includes:
Tom Fuhrman: Mayor Beauregard T. Brady
John Denver: Banker Abraham Patton
Linda Overton: Dock Tricia Truhart
Judy Hyneman: Writer J.P. James
John Overton: Chief Hawk-Who-Watches
Cynthia Nemelka: Saloon Owner Cattie Adams
Mysti French: Sharpshooter Annie Elmley
Paul Wilkinson: Blacksmith Flint Flames
Brian Walker: Newspaper Editor Hannibal P. Hanks
Bettie Spatafora: School Teacher Bonnie Crockett

Director: Linda Denver

Call 951-672-9673 for tickets.


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