MSJC Starts Off Spring Semester with A Full House

January 23 marked the first day of Mt. San Jacinto College’s Spring 2012 semester. More than 15,000 students were enrolled for classes, filling nearly all of the seats in courses needed to transfer or obtain a degree.

Ninety-three percent of seats were full district wide on the first day. Of that number, nearly all of the courses students need to get into a four-year university or graduate with an associate’s degree were full. At the Temecula Education Complex, seats were 96 percent full; 93 percent of the seats were full on the Menifee Valley campus; the San Jacinto Campus was 91 percent full; 90 percent of the seats were taken on the San Gorgonio Pass Campus. These numbers make up the 15,383 students who are enrolled.

The lagging economy has resulted in a high demand for college courses across the state. While state funding for education has dropped, MSJC continues to serve more than 1,000 students above the amount for which it receives state funding.

For more information on how state budget cuts are affecting MSJC and other state community colleges, you can find the information here.

Students line up around the building in order to purchase needed textbooks.


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