101.3 FM The Mix Entertains Big Crowd at The Beer Hunter

101.3 FM The Mix, a popular radio station in South West Riverside County, was on hand at The Beer Hu...

1013 fm the mix jim daniels101.3 FM The Mix, a popular radio station in South West Riverside County, was on hand at The Beer Hunter Sunday afternoon to give away prizes to football fans watching the NFL playoff games.

Jim Daniels and Greg, two of the stations on-air personalities, challenged restaurant-goers with football trivia, and gave away video games, DVDs, ski-passes, movie-passes, t-shirts, and Beer Hunter gift cards.

The event was part of a season-long tour for 101.3 FM The Mix visiting local sports restaurants across South West Riverside County.

"We make watching football games more exciting by offering prizes and interacting with fans", said Daniels, who also doubles as the station's Program Director. "We help promote The Beer Hunter and at the same time, we create a more exciting experience for their customers."

"The Beer Hunter did a similar event at their La Quinta restaurant with radio station KPLM", said Beth Petersen, sales and marketing manager for 101.3 FM The Mix. "It worked well there so they talked to us about doing an event in Menifee."

The Beer Hunter also offered a special $3.99 meal menu during the game, plus discounted appetizers and happy hour drink specials.

It was also the first time 101.3 FM The Mix collaborated with The Beer Hunter, and one of the first events the station did in Menifee, perhaps a sign that the young three-year-old city is making a mark on the overall region.

"We love coming to Menifee, the people here are so friendly and close-together", said Petersen in regards to how the community compares to nearby cities. "We hope to do more appearances in Menifee in the near future".


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