Panera Bread is Coming to Menifee

Menifee residents will have a new dining choice later this year with the opening of a Panera Bread ...

panera bread menifeeMenifee residents will have a new dining choice later this year with the opening of a Panera Bread bakery-cafe in Countryside Marketplace.

Mayor John Denver made the announcement this week at the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce mixer at Menifee Lakes Country Club. Panera Bread's arrival represents the city's continued efforts to attract more dining establishments to Menifee.

Panera Bread's bakery-cafe will be built on a vacant lot adjacent to the In-N-Out near the traffic circle in the Marketplace on Haun Road. Construction has not yet begun. Target date for the opening is 12 months, said Carmen Cave, community development director for the City of Menifee.

"The building plans still have to be processed," said Cave, "but there's no reason to tell them no. Their plans fit within the current specific plan for that property."

Cave said Panera Bread submitted a minor plot plan, which requires only administrative approval. It does not have to be approved by the city council or planning commission.

Panera Bread, established in 1981, has more than 1,500 locations in 40 states. According to the company website, Panera freshly bakes more bread daily than any bakery-cafe concept in the country. Its menu includes made-to-order sandwiches, salads, and soup served in bread bowls.

Panera Bread offers two different menus. The bakery menu offers freshly baked breads, bagels, baked egg soufflés and pastries and sweets. The cafe menu includes sandwiches, soups, hand-tossed salads, beverages and a special children's menu.

The company also offers a catering menu featuring a wide variety of meals, including hot breakfasts, sandwiches, pastries and cookies.


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  1. Just please try to help with parking because InNOut is nightmare enough. That parking situation at the Countryside Marketplace is the most ill-conceived I've ever encountered. It is a true nightmare, and because of it, our restaurants lose revenue. Many I speak with do not frequent establishments within food area (like Deer Hunter). I am included in that. It is just sad they put a Chase Bank in that location that could have been parking.

  2. Not only do they need to do something with the parking near the restaurants (I agree that putting the Chase Bank there was a huge mistake), they need to do something about the traffic on Newport getting into the center. I don't see how they can continue to grow the center without doing something about getting into it.

  3. The traffic on Newport is madness! I saw it the other day and turned around and went home. I can't go to the shopping center without waiting in 20 minutes of traffic when I live 5 minutes away. Someone really needs to fix what is going on with the lights and traffic before we bring/build anything else to this area. FIX THE TRAFFIC PROBLEM CITY

  4. Great! More traffic!!!!
    I drive into Murrieta or Hemet to go shopping because I can get there faster that in takes me just to get over the bridge.
    Come on City Council and/or the County. Things are going to get even worse when these close the bridges at Scott and Newport for the 215 widening project. I hope someone soon gets a plan in place and the funding approved for a bridge between these two for all of us on the Eastern side of the 215.

  5. It's just going to get worse when they develope the area around Haun and Scott. I too live 5 minutes from the Countryside Market place and drive to Scott and return back down Haun if I need to go there. I still can't believe they consolidated most of the food service in a corner with no reguard to traffic flow. It's easier to stay on the freeway and go to Target off Clinton Keith or continue to Murrieta to eat. It would be nice if Holland crossed the any case the traffic will still be a nightmare.

  6. Unbelievable how much complaining people do regarding the traffic on Newport. Have any of you been outside of Menifee?

  7. I also have gotten to the point where I am taking my shopping out of Menifee where i live into Murrieta and Hemet because whoever designed that Marketplace did a horrible job. The traffic is a nightmare, yet they still add stuff to it. Amazing to me, the bad design plans and then when they added the Chase right there, they just added insult to injury. real dumb. wise up Menifee!

  8. I agree with all the posts, the traffic complaints and the poor design of the marketplace. However, I'm thrilled with Panera coming and glad they chose a spot away from the 'food court'. Panera is AWESOME to have in town. Hope everyone gets to know their bagel & coffee catering, cause it's great! Starbucks would be smart to move over to yellow basket, just for easier access. A Holland overpass and finishing Menifee Rd to McCall would both help locals find alternate routes across town...