Sheriff's Department Reminds Residents to Guard Against Holiday Thefts

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department wants to remind holiday shoppers to take extra care to prevent thefts while Christmas shopping.

Never leave valuables in a visible area of your car, while parked at shopping centers. Keep your purse or wallet close to you, don't carry large amounts of cash. Thieves will scan parking lots to find people dropping packages off at their cars.

Last year, Menifee Police conducted a sting operation that resulted in the arrest of a man who had been stealing gifts out of people's cars.

This year, in response, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department is gearing up its Holiday Awareness Campaign by deploying additional officers, programs and patrols to keep the communities safer.

In addition, the Department will be increasing DUI patrols throughout the County.

"Remember, no city is a safe haven from crime; we all have the shared responsibility of keeping safety and security in mind no matter what we are doing", Corporal Courtney Donowho, public information officer for the Sheriff's Department, stated in a press release. "The Riverside County Sheriff's Department is encouraging residents to be security conscious and report all crimes, emergencies, suspicious persons and conditions to their local Sheriff's Department dispatch by calling 911."

The Sheriff's Department has published crime prevention tips here...

You can report suspicious activity to the Menifee Police Department at: (951) 210-1000.


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