The Beer Hunter Welcomes Texas Roadhouse and Offers Discounts to Diners and Shoppers

The Beer Hunter today announced they're extending a warm welcome to Texas Roadhouse, a steakhou...

the beer hunter menifeeThe Beer Hunter today announced they're extending a warm welcome to Texas Roadhouse, a steakhouse that's scheduled to open to the public Monday, December 12.

The new steakhouse located in Menifee on New Hub Dr, next to Yellow Basket, will be the first California location for the Kentucky-based chain, which operates over 360 restaurants in 47 states.

The welcoming gesture from The Beer Hunter is offered as a handshake in friendship for the two Menifee restaurants in a time when many local residents still travel down to Murrieta and Temecula for much of their dining.

"We just want welcome Texas Roadhouse into the city and let them know that we're willing to work together", said Dave Hunt, General Manager of The Beer Hunter. "Menifee needs more dining choices to encourage residents to dine locally."

According to statistics released by the City of Menifee, the city only captures about $60.00 in sales tax revenue per person, per year, compared to $212.00 captured by Temecula, a disparity caused by residents spending so much of their money in Temecula.

"We're losing $10 to $11 million a year in sales tax dollars due to residents going to other cities for their shopping and entertainment", according to Bill Rawlings, Menifee's city manager, in a speech given last October. "Our sales tax generation is less than one-half of the next lowest city."

The Beer Hunter is encouraging residents to give Texas Roadhouse a try, and then redeem their receipt at Beer Hunter for a 10% discount.

"If you eat at Texas Roadhouse, bring your receipt to Beer Hunter and we'll give you 10% off your bill", Hunt explained.

The promotion is offered as a way to encourage residents to continue dining in Menifee.

The Beer Hunter is also offering another promotion during the Christmas shopping season, giving 10% off to anyone who shops at Countryside Marketplace.

"If you buy something at any store in the Countryside Marketplace, bring in your receipt and we'll give you 10% off your bill", Hunt added.

Both promotions run through the month of December.

The Beer Hunter
30080 Haun Road, Suite 350
Menifee CA 92586

(951) 301-4700

Sun-Thur 11:30 am - 11:30 pm
Fri-Sat 11:30 am - 1:30 am


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  1. To increase Tax revenue in Menifee we need a Costco!
    I know you will say that the Walmart will be a good thing and yes for tax revenue it will. However, the additional traffic congestion and crime that Walmart will bring will offset that revenue in the form of increased police presence.
    We need some more shops on the Eastern side of the 215 freeway. For the majority of us that live on this side we have virtually nothing. I for one go to Costco at least 2 or 3 times a month. We also have only 1 grocery store on this side of the freeway. I've looked at my monthly bills from just Costco and the grocery store that I frequent in Murrieta and Temecula and I spend at least $80.00 in sales taxes every month. That's all revenue that could be applied to Menifee if we had these shops available. Think about it, that's $960 a year just from me. Multiply that by only a 1,000 residents and we're talking about almost $1M dollars in lost revenue to Menifee.
    Our City Council needs to seriously get busy on this.
    We also need another bridge over the 215 somewhere between Scott and Newport. The traffice on both of those bridges is getting worse every day. I've personally been stuck trying to get over the bridge for almost 30 minutes.
    As for the steakhouse. Yeah, I've been there and it is good. However, the time it takes me to get over the bridge to get there I can drive to Murrieta or Temecula.

  2. Most items at Costco are tax free. Also, wouldn't it be nice if the City received every penny of that $960 you paid in sales tax. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.

  3. On Fridays I pick my boys up from school on the east side of the 215. On more then one occasion I poised my self to be about 20 minutes early and ended up being 30 minutes late. Now for a small town to have that much traffic is just inexcusable. Our city council needs to step up and do something about another bridge. If they are working on a plan then speak up and let the residence know. Also why has there been no discussion about a movie theater? An American staple that has been rooted into the fabric of our society is “DINNER AND A MOVIE” we all did it as kids with our parents, and we do it with our kids as parents, just like it will be done with our grandkids and their parents. Why, Why, Why, is that a hard topic of understanding???? Wake up city council Wal-Mart, Costco, Home depot, about 5 more restaurants, and a theater would create a financial windfall. Not to mention the jobs

  4. I have friends that would love to move out here and have chosen to move into Murrieta and Temecula instead. The single reason was due to the traffic congestion. They are several miles farther from work now and would have been significantly closer to work living here. The problem is that they timed the drive during peak hours and to live here and get to work takes them 25 minutes longer both ways than living in Temecula. It's all because of the traffic. Our streets were not planned properly given the growth. It's actually a good thing the housing market tanked because the number of homes that would have been build would have made the already unbearable traffic a complete nightmare.

  5. Temecula had horrible traffic problems in the 90's. They paid the sheriffs dept. to direct traffic in the evenings when it was bad. Menifee should look into that until more bridges and on and off ramps can be built. Newport Road is a nightmare because of the people of Hemet who use it. It is a major roadway from Hemet to the Freeways. This all occurred when we were under the authority of Riverside County, not the City Council. Our city is still new, how can you expect them to fix all the problems immediately. It takes funds to do so.

  6. The should close Dominginoni road. That roadway between Menifee and Hemet caused a majority of the traffic problems.



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