Santa Rosa Academy to Open New Menifee Location

The Santa Rosa Academy has decided to take advantage of the abundance of open fields in Menifee; the...

The Santa Rosa Academy has decided to take advantage of the abundance of open fields in Menifee; they announced at today’s board meeting that they are in fact expanding their school and constructing a new site.

According to the school’s website, this new location will include elementary, middle and high school buildings serving all tracks on the same campus in phase 1 of building. Additionally, a Technology Center, Performing Arts Center, Gymnasium and various sports fields will be completed in phase 2.

The Academy has purchased a 25 acre plot in the Menifee Town Center at the corner of Haun and La Piedra Roads, just West of the 215 freeway. Getting the land plot at a terrific deal from Regent Properties, this new site will be located in the center of the city. La Piedra and Sherman Roads are going to be repaved to make way for this new structure, as well as water and electricity being set up for the area.

Although they are expanding their current location on La Piedra road beginning next year, The Santa Rosa Academy anticipates opening their new location for the 2013-2014 school year.

An aerial view of the construction plans for the new site.

The Academy hopes to obtain the Public Use Permit by April 1 and begin their construction immediately.

If you are interested in supporting the new building project or have any questions about the process, please contact Laura Badillo, Executive Director at 951.672.2400 or donate directly to their Building Fund through the school website.


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  1. Fantastic! It is so nice to see a project of this type and magnitude, being built in the Menifee area.

  2. What an amazing school. What they do for those kids is simply inspiring. Not only do they educate our kids they prepare them for life beyond school. I am so glad to see them finally get a location for there school.

  3. I'm so happy that our new school is going to be built it that new center and I can't wait to be a part of the new school when it opens.