Meet Pamela Wagstaff, Menifee Resident and Published Author

It seems as though as Menifee grows in size, so does it’s abundance of talent. Local resident Pamela...

It seems as though as Menifee grows in size, so does it’s abundance of talent. Local resident Pamela Wagstaff has been busy the last couple of years getting her two books, Beneath the Door: Poetry in the Abstract and Paradoxes: Parallel Dimensions Of Art & Poetry published and available to the public via Amazon. com. She is currently working on producing a third book, and hopes to someday write a children’s poetry book and incorporating in her photo art.

Born in Binghamton, New York on February 8th, 1956, Pamela comes from a large family of seven children. She has been writing since the young age of 12, and has sponsored various Open Mic Poetry events and Beat Nights throughout the years. Pamela has also written for local publications and has covered a variety of poets in her local area. Hosting many poetic driven websites, she continues to support the field of the arts and strives to communicate its importance to the community. Some of her other talents include photography, music and graphic design.

Pamela highly supports literature through her continued drive to help her community in learning of the quality of reading. She volunteers at local libraries in aiding with the illiterate, as well as teaching reading skills to better people’s lives through books and literacy. Ms. Wagstaff has worked in the field of radio, television and publication for the last 27 years, giving her an irreplaceable amount of experience. She has written for various TV and radio commercial scripts as well as using her own voice in many ad promotions. She has also written for many other publications and has designed areas for The Arts sections within them.

Despite all of these achievements, however, Pamela Wagstaff’s sole love is for poetry. Her unique abstract style of poetry and art allow her to stand out from the rest of those in similar fields by using metaphors as well as black and white photo art to capture each moment.

Now residing in Menifee, Ms. Wagstaff continues to pour her life into the area of the arts as she continues to be a mentor for many upcoming writers.
Pamela has held a seat as an ambassador on the Menifee Valley Chamber and is also crowned as Lady Ms. Menifee Valley Chamber for 2011.

You can order Pamela’s books Beneath the Door and Paradoxes: Parallel Dimensions Of Art & Poetry on Amazon.

You can also contact Pamela Wagstaff on her Facebook fan pa