City to Discuss a Proposed Parks and Trails Commission Next Month

If all goes as planned, a small group of people in led by Marty Rosen will be drawing a comprehensive map of trails within the City of Menif...

If all goes as planned, a small group of people in led by Marty Rosen will be drawing a comprehensive map of trails within the City of Menifee.

The map would include all trails used by hikers, horseback riders, and mountain bikers.

Rosen, who is a member of Riverside County's Trails Commission, presented the idea to the City Council last evening and asked them to discuss the formation of a city parks and trails commission.

"Most cities have a some kind of commission to oversee parks and trails." said Rosen, who lives in the Oasis community. "Both the cities of Temecula and Murrieta have a five member commission for this purpose."

According to Rosen, there is no single map that documents every trail in the City of Menifee. In 2003, the County of Riverside created a county-wide trails map, and a second map was created in 2008 but not at the direction of the county.

"In all there are five different maps, none of which have any relationship to reality." said Rosen. "None of them are accurate, we need to create one accurate trail map for our citizens to use, and for our Planning Commission to overlay on their general plan land use."

Rosen went on to explain that his proposed trails commission would lend credence to the trails map, and would operate at little to no cost to the city by doing all their own staff work for free, and conduct meetings at City Hall during normal business hours.

"I'm completely in favor of a trails commission", said councilmember Tom Furhman who recollected accounts of home developers rerouting trails or removing them altogether due to lost paperwork or delaying development long enough for residents to forget. "I believe the trails commissioner that you pick will have to be a lifetime appointment because he's going to have to be around for 15 or 20 years to make sure the stuff you start gets done."

Councilmember Sue Kristjansson, who said she supports the trails commission and met with the core team of people who started the idea, made a motion to place the discussion on the city council agenda for December 6. The motion was seconded and the Mayor ordered the item placed on the upcoming agenda.

"Our hope is to get trails that cross the city so that horse riders, mountain bikers, and pedestrians will have an opportunity to take advantage of them." Rosen said. "These trails will afford our citizens to stay fit and healthy and make Menifee a more desirable place to live in."


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