Art and Music Goes Live at Menifee City Council

hannah marley menifeeAs part of an effort to bring attention to local area artists, Arts Council Menifee once again presented live music and display art at City Hall this evening.

Hannah Marley, a 20 year old resident, sat on a stool and strummed out songs she composed. Meanwhile, Carol South displayed a pair of her paintings.

Marley, who had only been playing guitar for 3 years, played to a small audience that stood by to listen to her music, and received plenty of applause. "Some things you just pick up right away", Marley said explaining how natural it felt to get into music. "I tried crochet one time, and even poetry, but writing songs and playing guitar is really what I like."

Marley previously performed live at Menifee's Got Talent and at the Arts Presentation at Countryside Marketplace, and is looking to do more performances. Contact her at (951) 587-5943.

Carol South has been painting for nearly 30 years. A resident of Oasis, and a member of the Oasis Fine Arts Group, she has a specialty in capturing African culture and wildlife on canvass. Several of her paintings are now on display at US Bank in Sun City, while prints can be purchased from her website:

carol south menifee


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