New California State Skydiving Record Set

skydive perris 200 way meet up
This past weekend at Skydive Perris during the 200-way meet-up invitational a new state record was achieved.

Two hundred of the world's most talented skydivers simultaneously jumped from nine specially equipped air crafts to successfully set the new California State Record for largest jump configuration. The previous record was set back in 2009 by 181 women at the Jump For A Cause benefit.

Skydive Perris 200 way meet up
While Skydive Perris draws jumpers from all over the globe all year round, this particular five-day event drew a more diverse crowd, at one time, than usual.

Experienced skydivers from over thirteen countries participated, including; Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Chili, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Norway, and Canada. Their incredible jump was nothing short of amazing, and was quite the site to see.

Skydive Perris 200 way meet up
Unsuspecting passers by stopped their vehicles on the sides of the roads surrounding Perris Airport to get out and watch as two-hundred, seemingly flying, sky divers created the most incredible display high above the ground.

Throngs of spectators watched from the airport grounds as flight after flight of jumpers took off, and minutes later leapt into mid air.

Over the course of five days, from October 12 through October 16, hundreds of jumpers took flight but the grand finale was the intended 200-way spectacular, which definitely did not disappoint.

There to capture it all on camera was a highly trained team of photographers and videographers, who themselves, have been jumping for many years as well. The head of the photography team Craig O'Brien, or OB as he's known around Skydive Perris, has made over 15,000 jumps during his 18 year jump career and is not only a professional photographer and cinematographer, but also a world champion skydiver.

Skydive Perris 200 way
Skydive Perris 200 way
Skydive Perris 200 way

It would seem not only are the jumps themselves expertly orchestrated, as can be seen in the diagrams above, but the pictorial preservation of the actual event as well. From a team of experienced professionals who know their way around a camera just as impressively as they do a parachute.

Please visit Big Way Photography for more information, or to order full size prints of the awesome images seen above.

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  1. Yes,it was quiet a site to see all the sky divers coming down.I would not have known about it had i not seen the 10 planes in formation from my back yard.I did not see one article on this event in the press interprise.Such a shame that this jump was not reported by the local newspapers.


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