Take a gamble with Feeling Lucky Entertainment

Feeling Lucky Entertainment offer to bring blackjack, craps, poker and roulette all to you. Aaron Ra...

Feeling Lucky Entertainment offer to bring blackjack,
craps, poker and roulette all to you.
Aaron Rachman is betting against all odds with his local casino company. “Why go to Vegas when we can bring Vegas to you?” he asks.

Rachman is the owner of Feeling Lucky Entertainment, a business that offers Menifee and surrounding areas a closer alternative to the Strip. Like a casino on wheels, he and his team of professional dealers bring the games and tables to their customers’ special occasions.

The group offers blackjack, craps, poker, and roulette. “My dealers have been trained through school so they know how to deal every game,” said Rachman during a recent interview over the phone. “And if you don’t know how to play a game, we’ll teach you.”

He and his team will deal for fundraisers, birthday parties, weddings, New Years Eve, and more. “The biggest party I’ve ever done was for Budweiser’s Christmas party,” said Rachman. “They probably had around 300 people there.”

Feeling Lucky hosts gatherings of all sizes for as many hours as requested. “Whatever customers want, we’ll do it,” said Rachman, whose most recent gigs have been community business mixers and house parties. He added that transportation isn’t an issue. “We go all over Menifee, Murrieta, Temecula, Riverside, Corona, and even San Diego and Orange County,” he said.

Rachman bought Feeling Lucky Entertainment five years ago from a friend who had started it a couple of years before. A true gambler at heart, he left his position in retail management to fully pursue his traveling casino after trying to shuffle between two jobs. “I wanted to put more effort into this business,” he said. “I like to gamble, and interact with people, and have fun.”

Rachman isn’t bluffing when he says business is now a game of chance. His peak months are usually February through April, and September through December. “I didn’t have a New Years Eve party last year because of the economy,” he said. “Hopefully it’ll pick up, because I’m not going back to retail,” he chuckled.

Feeling Lucky Entertainment is having a special now through the end of September. “For parties that book three tables of either blackjack, roulette or poker, they’ll get one table $100 off,” explained Rachman.

To book Feeling Lucky Entertainment or to learn more, visit www.flecasinoparties.com. Contact Rachman at (951) 347-8213 or email him at feelingluckyentertainment@gmail.com.


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