Sun City Shopping Center to get New Landscaping Next Week

Beginning next week, a beautification effort will take place at Sun City Shopping Center, the first ...

Beginning next week, a beautification effort will take place at Sun City Shopping Center, the first of a series of city-wide landscape enhancement projects.

Areas along the sidewalk of Sun City Shopping Center, specifically Bradley Rd and Cherry Hills Blvd, will be planted with trees and shrubs designed to compliment the existing landscape at the Sun City Library.

The beautification project will...

  • Add water efficient plants and underground point-to-point drip system.

  • Remove weeds, stumps, crab grass, ice plant and hedges.

  • Create better line of sight for police/crime watch patrols and patrons to the center (entering off Bradley)

  • Install twelve 24" box trees

  • Install 292 five gallon plants

  • Install 224 one gallon plants

  • Install approximately 4,700 square feet of mulch

New plants and trees will replace the barren stretch of dirt and weeds along Cherry Hills Blvd.

The project was negotiated as a partnership with the owners of the shopping center whereby the City of Menifee will install the new landscaping and the owner provides the maintenance.

The cost to the City is expected to cost $28,571.95, and is already covered under the current budget.

Other landscape enhancement projects are targeted for Quail Valley, Romoland, and the City Center.


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  1. Oh, good, now we have flowers to gape at while trying to decipher the center. I think this shopping center should be used for driver training. It's quite entertaining to watch people try and figure out which way to go, when to stop, and which lanes to use. Might be a good idea to revisit the traffic patterns, business signage, and accompanying traffic controls(stops and lane indicators), especially from the Sun City Blvd side.

  2. now they need to cut down those palm trees that are
    leaning over in the center divider on Cherry Hills.
    Also they need to put some landscaping in the center
    divider on Haun & Newport, that looks disgraceful.



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