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Author Pamela Wagstaff was more than delighted to share the release of her new poetry book, "P...

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Author Pamela Wagstaff was more than delighted to share the release of her new poetry book, "Paradoxes" at her book signing event held at The Beer Hunter on July 30th.

P.S. Wagstaff, deeply dedicated to writing since the age of 12, is a metaphoric creator of abstract poetry. She has recently sparked involvement with the Art's Council Menifee to encourage all forms of artistry in the city. Coming from a large family, P.S. Wagstaff has managed herself th
rough many impacting life experiences which inspired her immensely to write. She endured the passing of many relatives and loved ones throughout her life since her young brother departed at the age of five.

Due to these influential occurrences, P.S. Wagstaff finds the art of writing as remedial relief.
"I've always loved the arts," Pamela stated, "It's a form of therapy for me."

At a table set up in the courtyard of The Beer Hunter, P.S. Wagstaff's poetry books, "Paradoxes" and "Beneath the Door" were available for sale and signing. Her poetry book, "Paradoxes" also features her original black and white photography. Many close friends and relatives attended the book signing to support the meaningful foundation of P.S. Wagstaff's artistic creations.

Around 30 people including friends and family filled the courtyard for mingling, food, drinks, and an acoustic performance by John Lane. The Beer Hunter provided the event with a special drink called "Poetry Punch" to fit the artistic setting. On the television screens located in the courtyard, a slideshow displayed the works of P.S. Wagstaff's black and white photography for the general audience to enjoy.

P.S. Wagstaff is currently in the works of writing her newest book titled, "The Still." After venturing through abstract poetry, she aspires to embark in writing Children's books.

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