Most Portfolio Managers Shun Their Own Funds

Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC, based here in Menifee, brings another weekly video on investing your money.

In "Most Portfolio Managers Shun Their Own Funds", Mark Matson shows that most money managers do not even invest one dime in the funds they manage. To us it’s not surprising, because we wouldn’t invest in their funds either. Rest assured we eat our own cooking at Royal American and 100% of our retirement money is invested in the funds, portfolios, and allocations we recommend. If your money manager does not invest in his recommendations, then fire them and invest with someone that does.

Continue to learn, stay diversified according to your risk tolerance, stay disciplined, and rebalance. Education is your best defense against imprudent investing. Invest intelligently!

John Borger and Scott Buchanan of Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC provide investor education to help investors avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes, increase their potential returns, and take a more prudent approach to investing and growing their wealth.

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