Large Crowd Assembles For LLL Reptile Show At Sun City Library

Sun City Library is commonly recognized as an extremely effective source of productive, social activ...

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Sun City Library is commonly recognized as an extremely effective source of productive, social activities made available to the Menifee community. All throughout Summer, Sun City Library provided an arrangement of 108 programs for locals of all ages to take part in. On Thursday, August 25th, Sun City Library presented volunteers from LLL Reptiles to put on a Reptile Show for families to enjoy.

An astounding crowd of over 100 individuals composed of children with their families joined together in Sun City Library's Community Room to watch a presentation of various cold blooded critters. Under the supervision of two reptile handlers with LLL Reptiles, children were able to touch and get a close up of various reptiles such as lizards and leopard geckos. Many of the children portrayed great excitement and thrill with each reptile they got to see and even hold.

With a crowd overflowing the library's Community Room, Sun City Library's program coordinator, Ashley made great effort to monitor the crowd and made sure everyone had the opportunity to participate.

reptile showAshley also explained that not many libraries provide as many programs for the public like Sun City Library offers. In growing up and participating in many events throughout her childhood, Ashley's reasons to coordinate these programs are to engage the community in constructive activities provided at no cost.

"With the way the economy has been, there just aren't enough free programs out there for kids to participate in," Ashley stated. "We want to provide these programs so that families don't have to pay to participate and they can have fun and get involved."

Due to the large amount of families that attended the Reptile Show, the two volunteers with LLL Reptiles kindly donated an additional amount of time to have another presentation for those who didn't get an opportunity to participate in the first presentation.

With events like the LLL Reptile Show, Sun City Library plays a large role in keeping the Menifee Community occupied. With the Summer program already at an end, Sun City Library is now in the preparation of creating a Fall program. These programs will be made available at no cost to the public for all to enjoy.

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