Fire Hydrants and Man Hole Covers Being Stolen Throughout the Water District

The Eastern Municipal Water District is offering a $500.00 reward to anyone for information leading to arrest and conviction of persons resp...

The Eastern Municipal Water District is offering a $500.00 reward to anyone for information leading to arrest and conviction of persons responsible for vandalism or theft of fire hydrants and other metal facilities.

Over the past several months, more than 60 fire hydrants, some which are super hydrants each costing more than $1,000, as well as manhole covers and backflow devices, have been stolen throughout the Eastern Municipal Water District and Western Municipal Water District.

Theft of fire hydrants and manhole covers, which are criminally punishable actions, not only endanger communities, it hampers firefighters in not being able to respond quickly to emergencies. It also presents risks to drivers.

The district advises anyone who sees suspicious activity around a fire hydrant or other related facilities to call their local law enforcement, or 911.

EMWD is working with local law enforcement and other neighboring water agencies experiencing similar thefts, to increase scrutiny of water systems. Residents are being asked to keep an eye on their neighborhoods.

To each EMWD, (951) 928-3777, ext. 6265.


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  1. Whomever is doing this could potentially be charged with an even more serious crime. Removing a manhole cover could cause serious injury or death to a child that might fall in one. There is also serious damage that could be caused to a vehicle driving over an opening. These covers are very heavy and it is probably a two person team doing it.
    As for the Fire Hydrants being removed, this is also potentially a more serious crime because someone could lose their life because a fire might not be able to be extinguished. In addition, a person's entire home may be destroyed because of this. These people doing this should be charged with felonies when they are caught. I am sure it is at the very least a 2 person team because the time it takes to shut off the water and then remove all those huge bolts would take several minutes.
    Please catch these fools before someone gets seriously injured or loses their life because of some idiots trying to make a quick buck.
    I would hope that metal salvage places would notify authorities in any state if they were to receive these types of items. If not, then they are just as guilty.



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