Yummy Grub Sandwich Shop At Risk Of Closing Its Doors

Jeff Janfada works tirelessly to stack the sandwiches, grill the burgers, and make the ice cream, ho...

yummy grub sandwichJeff Janfada works tirelessly to stack the sandwiches, grill the burgers, and make the ice cream, hoping to fulfill a lifelong dream of raising a family in Southern California supported by the income of his tiny sandwich shop, Yummy Grub.

But soon the doors to his Menifee-based business could close up for good, a victim of corporate franchise marketing muscle, and an economy still struggling to recover.

"The business is just not good", he says of his 2 1/2 year old establishment. "The economy, and the big guys are eating the small guys. The businesses next door to me are going to Subway because they've saturated the city with tons of coupons."

Lunch hour is Jeff's busiest part of the day, yet business was still light, affording him enough time to explain the frustrations of keeping his sandwich shop going, including not having the funds to market his business, the poor visibility within Bradley Business Center, and having had money stolen from his cash register on separate occasions.

To make matters worse, his wife lost her job a month ago. "She used to work at Fallbrook Hospital; she has a masters in nursing." he explains. "They're trying to get rid of regulars so they don't have to pay for benefits."

yummy grub menifee
Yummy Grub, despite its small personal charm, friendly service, doesn't earn a profit, nor lose any money. "I'm only breaking even on this place", he says. "With my wife out of a job, we have no money."

Jeff offered up his latest sandwich, smoked tri-tip. "Rob McDowell from Good Shepard Lutheran Church has a smoker", he explained. "I handed him some tri-tip, and he smoked it for me." He also offered up samples of philly cheese steak, his home made Oreo Cookie ice cream, and poured me a cup of iced chai tea.

"I only use fresh ingredients." he continued. "The lettuce, the tomatoes, the avocados, the onions, I buy it all fresh and slice it myself. I even make the ice cream by hand. I used to work at Denny's 20 years ago, and nothing there is fresh. Here, everything is fresh."

At this point, Jeff doesn't know what he's going to do if he has to close up the shop. He's open to offers, either to sell the place, or to take on a partner. "I don't have a certain date for closure, but it's getting very close to that."