Photos From Yummy Grub Ping Pong & Ice Cream Contest

Yummy Grub's annual " Ping Pong and Ice Cream Eating Contest " was held last Saturday ...

Yummy Grub's annual "Ping Pong and Ice Cream Eating Contest" was held last Saturday in front of Yummy Grub in Menifee. Ping Pong players came out to revel in the competition despite light winds adding an element of difficulty in getting the little white ball to cooperate.

But the highlight of the event was the ice cream eating contest. Contestants were separated into three groups, one for adults, another for boys, and another for girls. Folks got to enjoy chocolate ice cream, all freshly handmade by Yummy Grub.

Matt "Sweet Tooth" Cohen, of Fallbrook, won the adult competition, trouncing his competitors, and finishing off all 1 pounds, 4oz of ice cream topped with syrup, strawberries and bananas, in less than a minute.

"Don't let it touch your teeth" said Cohen, who enjoys competing in ice cream eating contests all over Southern California.

In the boys category, it was Ivan Dolan of Menifee, who explained how he won, "I put my face in it, and sucked it up like a vacuum hose".

And in the girls category, it was Sophia Dolan, also of Menifee, who explained her winning strategy, "I got my lips and grabbed the ice cream."

Costco was also on hand to raffle off a cooler bag.

Yummy Grub is located in the Bradley Business Center, in the back, at 29800 Bradley Road, Suite 120. They make sub sandwiches, breakfast, burgers, and ice cream. Call them at (951) 672-6700, or visit them online at:

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yummy grub ice cream eating contest

yummy grub ice cream eating contest