Fred Twyman Honored at City Council Meeting

Menifee City Council members took time last night to remember their colleague on the dais with their...

fred twyman menifeeMenifee City Council members took time last night to remember their colleague on the dais with their thoughts.

The City Council meeting started off with a moment of silence for the late Fred Twyman, who passed away suddenly on June 15th. Afterwards, they spoke about the city councilman and high school teacher...

"Fred was a friend of mine for 15 years", spoke Tom Fuhrman. "He was very instrumental on the Trails Commission, and I would like to propose renaming one of the trails after him".

Wallace Edgerton, who attended the meeting via conference call from his hospital bed after lung transplant surgery, noted the letters of support he's received from residents. "But this meeting is overshadowed by the loss of a colleague and personal friends of mine, Fred Tywman".

John Denver recounted the days when he and Twyman were at odds with each other within the Perris Union High School District. "But when we were elected to the city council, he actually smiled at me and said, 'Let's talk', and we've been good friends ever since."

Members of the public took to the podium to offer their thoughts. Chuck Ruetter suggested they rename Craig Ave, which runs behind Paloma Valley High School where Twyman taught, to Fred Twyman Ave.

Anne Pica argued that the city council should have postponed this evening's council session as a sign of respect. "I thought this city council would have at least waited until the man has been placed in the ground before proceeding with business as usual", Pica addressed. "This city council would have had plenty of time to complete their duties on the budget and at the same time show the respect that Mr. Twyman deserved from his fellow council members."

Darcy Kuenzi spoke in response, "There was given great consideration for cancelling tonight's meeting. But Fred would have wanted us to do what's best for the community."

Kuenzi went on to announce that there will be a public memorial for Fred Twyman on Friday, June 24th, at 4:30pm, at the Paloma Valley High School Gym. More details can be found on Facebook at:


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  1. Anne should give it a rest. We don't have to hear from you at every meeting

  2. I am saddened every time I think about the sudden passing of our Councilman Twyman...I knew him as a wonderful friend to many, a teacher, a civic leader, and, most important of all, a dedicated husband and father. I believe our city council acted in the most respectful manner to his passing and thank them and the city for their thoughfulness and compassion as they act on behalf of the citizens of Menifee.

  3. I agree. They should have taken this opportunity to recognize his service to the community and his passing. He was always helpful to me and was my favorite council member.

  4. Anne Pica did not argue she stated they should have shown Fred Twyman the respect he deserved and that would have been to cancel this meeting. She also gave a beautiful tribute to Fred Twyman. I saw her give a copy of her speech to you Steve. So think you need to go back and re-read it.

  5. I don't usually agree with Anne Pica but, this time I do. What was so important that the council couldn't have waited another week or two? 'Fred would have wanted whats best for the community' is great justification, but, 'respect' should have ruled out.



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