Fred Twyman Helped Menifee 24/7 Grow To Greater Heights

The first time I met Fred was at a Board of Trustees meeting at Menifee Union School District in 200...

The first time I met Fred was at a Board of Trustees meeting at Menifee Union School District in 2007, when the trustees were beginning their discussions on the upcoming budget. The meeting hadn't yet started, when Fred pointed out to me in the audience and said, "Are you Steve from Menifee 24/7?"

I immediately felt shocked that an elected official recognized me, a community news blogger, someone that I had never personally met. It was like a validation of Menifee 24/7.

I walked up to him and answered, "Yes", and shook his hand. We talked about Menifee 24/7 and he thanked me for starting it and told me that Menifee needed a dedicated news outlet, even if it was entirely on the Internet.

That meeting would be the first of many talks I've had with him about school budgets, unification, and local government. After school board meetings or city council meetings, he'd spend several minutes with me explaining the politics of local government, be it taxes, schools, development, just so that I could write intelligently.

I found Fred to be very open to the "new media" whereas other public servants and candidates throughout Menifee and Sun City, at the time, often didn't know what to make of Menifee 24/7 or other forms of electronic reporting. I remember him being a regular listener and caller on Menifee Talk Radio, an internet-based radio station, during city-council elections of 2008.

I often think that Fred's acceptance of Internet media is what encouraged me to grow Menifee 24/7 to greater levels and offer Menifee residents an electronic outlet for their news.

I went through the photo archives on Menifee 24/7 and here are some I found of Fred Twyman...

City of Menifee Inaugural Event, October 1, 2008, Fred Twyman second to the right,

Kohl's Grand Opening Event, October 1, 2008

Twyman receiving an award from Victor Giardinelli, July 22, 2008

The first ever meeting of Menifee City Council, Kay Ceniceros Center, June 18, 2008

Menifee Independence Day Parade, June 28, 2008

Super Target Ribbon Cutting Event, October 7, 2008


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