EMWD Offering Smart Water Sprinkler Controllers That Adjust To The Weather

The EMWD would like to let readers know about their Smart Controller program. It replaces your ex...

rain bird smart controllerThe EMWD would like to let readers know about their Smart Controller program.

It replaces your existing water sprinkler controller with one that monitors the weather and adjusts your water usage accordingly. These smart controllers can save up to 13,500 gallons of water per year when properly programmed, and save you money.

The Smart Controller program is available to homeowners that are also EMWD’s residential customers. The following criteria are required for program participation:

  • Landscapes must have an operable in-ground irrigation system with an automatic sprinkler timer (non-weather-based)

  • A Landscape Irrigation Evaluation is required to determine compatibility with the Smart Controller Program

  • Irrigation system inefficiencies (if any) must be corrected prior to the installation of a Smart Controller

  • This is a share-of-cost program in which the homeowner agrees to pay the participation fee designated for the required equipment ($486 - $1,062).

  • Homeowner must have a water payment history in good standing

  • A post-installation verification will be performed approximately 30 days after equipment installation.

The cost of the program includes:

  • Pre-installation landscape irrigation evaluation to detect inefficiencies in the irrigation system

  • Copy of landscape evaluation report that will include recommended program cost and information to make applicable corrections (when required)

  • Up to two (2) Rain Bird ESP-SMT Smart Irrigation Control Systems (expandable from 4 to 26 stations)

  • One (1) on-site weather station with automatic rain shut off per controller

  • Professional installation and programming of the Smart Controller

  • Six month follow-up and adjustment visit

  • Customer service support for one year after installation

  • EMWD’s cost sharing (up to $430)

  • 0% interest for participant’s share of cost which is a monthly fee ($13.50 to $29.50) added to the water bill for 36 months

Customers that have a smart controller installed through the program, and have an irrigation system that meets certain requirements, may be eligible to receive high efficiency nozzles installed in turf areas at no charge to the customer.

For full program description and application materials, visit http://www.emwd.org or call (951) 928-3777 ext. 3322.


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