Bill Zimmerman - Looking Down The Road

Throughout his career, Menifee Planning Commissioner Bill Zimmerman has prepared many illustrative d...

Bill Zimmerman MenifeeThroughout his career, Menifee Planning Commissioner Bill Zimmerman has prepared many illustrative drawings of roads, bridges, and community plans for a civil engineering company. Recently, this visionary shared his ideas of the road that he sees Menifee traveling, and the bridge he hopes to help build to the future for our community.

"My primary hope is there will be more opportunities for communication with the public. A Town Hall meeting or public visioning workshop that welcomes public input. Commissioners enjoy hearing ideas and desires from folks, especially those from communities that we don’t actually live in. You know, people in a local place are the ones who best understand that place. They are ones with its interests most at heart, and ideally should guide the decisions that affect that place. It would be irresponsible for the Commission to pretend that we know what the people in Romoland, the Core Area, or Quail Valley communities want for their neighborhoods, because we do not live there. We should have our finger on the pulse of those unique places.”

Understanding the current needs of the residents Bill represents is crucial to him, but more over is his desire to see a future for Menifee that benefits us all.

“What attracts buyers to Menifee is affordable homes. You get more for your buck than you can in surrounding communities. But, for businesses to relocate, the owners of those businesses need to convince their families, their employees and maybe even themselves that they would want to put their business here and live in Menifee. Unfortunately, we’re not a resort community with a natural lake or other existing recreational attraction. However, things we can create and promote, such as the arts or fun and interesting civic events, can help improve quality of life and make our community more attractive".

“Attracting high-end jobs in fields such as biotechnology, telecommunications, software development, and other clean industries would be ideal. As we craft our General Plan, our planners should designate appropriate locations for corporate business parks that support these businesses. Forward thinking industries, these businesses create high paying job opportunities in industries that are in a growth pattern, rather than decline. We should also designate appropriate locations for upscale residential communities. Wouldn't it be great if CEO’s of large corporations thought of Menifee as the place to relocate their families, and industries? Doctors, lawyers, high paid professionals, who want to create jobs, who have money to spend, and want to spend it in Menifee. These individuals will be attracted by things we create to support their lifestyle.”

But all of that takes work. Traffic improvements, bridges over our freeway, regional parks, performing arts and civic activity centers help to lure affluent home buyers and jobs.

"In my opinion, an established city, a city that has really arrived, is a city that is known for its arts and culture. We become a des