Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Banned Permanently in Menifee

The City of Menifee tonight enacted a permanent ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Two years ago, the City enacted a temporary, two year ban, which is scheduled to end on June 15, 2011. The City Council opened up a public hearing this evening to hear arguments, pro and con, on making that ban permanent.

Several residents spoke in favor of a permanent ban, arguing that it's become too easy for people to obtain permits for medical marijuana use, and that marijuana use has lead to stronger, more addictive drugs. But there were also those who spoke in favor of allowing medical marijuana dispensaries, contending that marijuana cooperatives generate income for cities, and that banning dispensaries is a form discrimination.

Councilman Fuhrman, who indicated he holds a permit for medical marijuana, expressed a desire for regulations that will permit dispensaries. Meanwhile, councilman Twyman noted that marijuana dispensaries create additional levels of bureaucracy and that marijuana use in general is best addressed at the federal level.

In the end, the council voted three to one, with Twyman, Denver, and Kuenzi voting to make the ban permanent, with Fuhrman voting against.

Tonight's vote is actually the first of a two-part reading. At the next city council meeting, the councilmembers will vote for a second and final time to make the ban permanent.


  1. Thank God! We do not need marijuana in our community. Thank you Twyman, Denver, and Kuenzi! You have my vote!

  2. Anonymous said...
    Thank God! We do not need marijuana in our community.

    May 21, 2011 7:15 PM

    You do realize the State of California has legalized the use of marijuana by holding a state issued medical marijuana card. The only issue being addressed by council is not allowing dispensaries. This doesn't preclude the fact that there will still be marijuana here in Menifee.

  3. I here a class action is being pressed against menifee for 1000 per patient costing the city millions they just need to give safe access and issue regulations that allow one or two spots so they can aid the city. They are known because of being nonprofit for donations to local charities. Also it is wrong to deny suffering people the right it is the cities job to uphold california law they are not on federal only area they are a city of this state.

  4. why should a city be allowed to ban anything that was voted by the people of california. Medical marijuana is legal in Ca. why should a few people that make up our city council make desicions that voters already passed. if any of the city councel had an open mind they would relize that people are going to medicate them self no matter what the city councel says, Menifee just looses out on the tax dollers because people just go to another city to buy Medical marijuana, Good Job city councel you have just made our city loose thousands of dollers in tax money. i am supprised you guys havent closed any schools. oh ya you did that too.