City Adopts Changes in the Way Residents Request City Council Agenda Items

The City of Menifee hopes to streamline city council meetings by modifying the way issues get added to the agenda.

Last night the City Council voted to delete a rule from the City's decorum policy that allowed residents to propose new agenda items by making a public comment at city council meetings.

The rule, which stated...

"A member of the public may request that an item be placed on a future agenda during public comment or through other or outside communication with Council members. Upon approval of a majority of the Council, the item will be agendized and a staff report may be prepared."

...was struck out from the decorum policy.

Councilman Twyman, who took over for Mayor Edgerton after the Mayor recently underwent lung transplant surgery, indicated that residents can still contact councilmembers by phone or e-mail and request items be placed on a future agenda.

City Clerk Kathy Bennett explained that this would be an easier way for residents to add items to the agenda because they would no longer require a majority vote from the Council, and that it would afford city staff additional time to research and validate issues before placing them on the agenda.

Councilmember e-mail addresses are posted on the City's website at:


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