Los Primos Mexican Food NEW at Newport Rd Car Wash

A FANTASTIC Mexican drive-thru/eatery opened recently at the Car Wash on Newport Rd. · My first q...

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A FANTASTIC Mexican drive-thru/eatery opened recently at the Car Wash on Newport Rd.· My first question to the cheerful gal behind the counter was "Are your Carne Asada Nachos as good as the old ones?"· "BETTER!" she emphatically replied.· A little skeptical, being fussy about my carne asada, I ordered the Carne Asada Mini Tacos, grabbed some carrots, a bag of chips, some salsa and some hot sauce, and sat down to wait.· The carrots were awesome!!· Not too hot, which was a nice surprise for me.· I was surprised again at the freshness and taste of the salsa, and then again that the "house" hot sauce had a really nice flavor, unlike the bland sauce you get at most of these smaller Mexican food places.

I didn't have to wait long for my tacos.· One bite and I was hooked.· (These mini tacos come standard with guacamole...yum.)· The beef was so tender and not one sign of grisle or fat.· Talking with the manager, Carlos Franco, I found out that Los Primos had a soft opening on Cinco de Mayo.· Their "grand opening" will be announced soon.· Franco told me that they only used Certifed Angus Beef and all white meat chicken breasts in their food, and that they were the home of the Monster Burrito.· (I'll have my son Paul check that out and we'll report back.)·

Wanting more information about their using only Certified Angus Beef, the owner, Ramon Alvarez, explained to me that only 8% of US Beef is entitled to the label "Certified Angus".· In order to be allowed to market their food as containing·"Certified Angus", they had to go through a rigorous approval process, and commit to serving ONLY "Certified Angus" at the restaurant for a minimum of 3 years.

"Certified Angus Beef" (CAB) is a special industry designation developed in 1978 that involves standards for marbeling, tenderness, age and color.· In my layman's terms,·"Certified Angus" means Certified Tender Yumminess.

Alvarez continued that they are committed to serving fresh & tasty food, offering $5 meal deals, kids' meals, healthy salads and other healthy options.· Los Primos is also very big on offering Fundraisers for