The Shops at Scott Road - Phase 1 to be complete by August

Most of us have noticed the new building going on over on Scott & Zeiders.... waiting with baited breath to see what this new developmen...

Most of us have noticed the new building going on over on Scott & Zeiders.... waiting with baited breath to see what this new development will bring to our fair city.

Wellll................ you'll have to hold your breath in anticipating a little longer.

According to Brian Pyke, VP of Duhs Commercial, Inc. there are a number of potential tenants but there is nothing official yet.

I am thinking that businesses are waiting to see whether the Walmart will get approved before they commit. The approval of Walmart will make a big impact in the leasing of this development.

Here is a link with details about the development:


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  1. Any business next to a Wal-Mart needs to be a business that sells cheap stuff. Wal-Mart sells cheap items and I for one am not a fan. Wal-Mart will increase crime in the local area over the long term.

  2. Agreed!!!! Not at all a fan of walmart. Could we try and stay with more upscale stores. Shops At Scott sounds more affluent than WalMart!!!!!!

  3. You must work for FOX news...scare tactics. Wow...Murrieta is full of crime with their Walmart.

  4. Look it's one of the three people the watch MSNBC.

    Stop being so closed minded. Tell me one thing that Fox News has lied about One just One.

  5. Wow! Wal-Mart brings in crime? This is a joke! Wal-Mart sells cheap stuff? They sell many of the same things that Target sells! How do families that are looking for a good deal bring in crime? Is this really about Wal-Mart or about hating people with economic disadvantages or even racism? Wal-Mart in Murrieta seems to be just fine with no more crime than other areas. Be real!

  6. I personally lived in a very nice area and then a Wal-Mart was built. The first couple of years we all liked it and even shopped there. After about 3 years the surrounding scum started to come around and the RV's would park overnight. The gangs would start hanging around and the crime increased. The surrounding area started being tagged with graffiti and home prices were affected and this was several years ago when home prices were still increasing. Now, several years later the local residents have protested. The local police department had to put a substation in just to try and curb the crime. WalMart will not bring but a few jobs and most of them will be part time anyway.
    Recent surveys and reports have proven that Target carries better quality products for the same price and in most cases lower price.
    I've been to the WalMart in Murrieta and it is a dump. If you're a fan of K-Mart, it's the same as WalMart.

  7. How about a movie theater within a shopping mall? That's an idea.

  8. Do we really need to have the same conversations over and over about Walmart!!!

  9. no to walmart. if I want to go so badly i'll drive the 10 min south, it does attract a dumpy atmosphere, if you can't see it then your a bit blind. I too don't have a lot of money and used to shop there when it had better prices than target/costco... And I'm a minority, so don't spout the race card. If your honest and even slightly observant you'd see what I was talking about.

    but i'd rather drive 10 min south than bring that chaos so close to home...what about the traffic it will cause..scott road/215 is already a mess - just my two cents

  10. I was checking out the list of restaurants posted on this web site - thanks for the info- and I hate rag on - but when will Menifee be where everything is in this city?
    I noticed that Romoland and other areas have Menifee as their address -
    Why is Coco's still in Sun City - and not in Menifee.
    It really upsets me that Menifee is not recognized in Google maps - only Sun City and on some web sites you cannot get Menifee weather - only - you guessed it - Sun City.
    Just because Sun City has City in its name - everyone seems to think that it is a city - not a senior sub-division. I live in Menifee Lakes - and I do not need signs and info for my friends to find me.

    I have lived in Menifee for 12 years and I would just like to see Menifee recognized as a united community.

  11. vote on whether or not we want a walmart on their poll (to the right on main page)

  12. Both Temecula and Menifee have a Walmart and there are no problems or "scum". It is really funny when everyone complains about lack of jobs but refuse to have a business open which would provide at least 100 jobs because it doesn't want a UNION running it. Unions have been so helpful. Just look at the teachers!!!! A Walmart opening would help all the laid off union teachers find a part time job.

  13. The facts are that regardless of the jobs walmart might provide,they also turn neighborhoods into ghost towns. Because they now sell everything from groceries to auto, they HAVE A RECORD of shutting out all the small businesses around them.Statistics show that leaving a vacant mall, invites crime.Personally,I like the option of choosing between different stores,however if there is only ONE left standing,that doesn't leave me or you that option.

  14. Your “facts” and reality seem to be at odds. You expect people to believe that the Murrieta store has caused the surrounding area to deteriorate and cause all the other businesses to leave. To the contrary, the area is flourishing, even in this bad economy.

    WalMart has, indeed, caused small mom & pop stores to close in some communities, but those are the small, remote, rural ones that don’t interest most chains. I know of such a community in rural PA. When WalMart came to town, many small businesses went under because they were inefficient and couldn’t compete. My relatives who live there aren’t upset. They’re delighted to be able to buy things at reasonable prices without having to drive long distances to the “big city”.

    Menifee isn’t a small, remote community and a WalMart here won’t result in the dire consequences you fear.

  15. Without Unions,YOUR base pay TODAY would still be about $2.50 and hour.Obviously some individuals aren't knowledgeable of the fact that unions who insisted on workers being paid a fair wage as our economy went up,is the only reason your making what you are today. You see once the union worker strikes,or makes sacrifices,(fighting for whats fair),the other companies or large corporations are forced to follow suite,thus paying others their worth.I might add,that unions are also responsible for the pay increases for supervision and management,as THEY naturally feel entitled when union workers receive hikes.Educate yourself.It's worth reading into the facts.

  16. Those one hundred jobs your speaking of.......All one hundred of those workers,will be on STATE ASSISTANCE(paid by you and I, for MEDICAL CARE.The company,with its BILLIONS of dollars in revenue is to GREEDY to provide antiquate coverage. The workers are told BY WALMART to go to the state,if what they provide is not enough to care for their family,and that's exactly what they do.So.What ever your saving on your next BIG shopping SPREE at WALMART you'll pay out in your taxes so their employees can take care of their health!When they say THANK YOU at the register...They really mean it!

  17. May 13, 2011 1:01 PM

    In your example, since the unions forced the wages up how does the business then turn a profit? Raise prices? So you are saying the unions are responsible for the spike in the cost of items we need everyday, like groceries. Thank you to the unions.

  18. Did you receive your ballot? Do you know what it is your voting for? hmmmmmm....could it be WalMart? and why deception if this is such a outstanding Corporation? This is just 'one' way WalMart operates, believe me we the taxpayer, will be funding the new widening roads on Scott NOT Walmart. If you don't believe me, look Walmart up on the internet and th