MSJC Multicultural Festival 2011

The MSJC MULTICULTURAL FESTIVAL on April 16th at the Menifee Campus drew a little bigger of a crowd this year than last year, but was still not as big of turn-out as I had hoped.

Children performing Russian dances

Valley Church of Christ

A very friendly group of gentlemen at this booth.

The BEST ceviche taco I've ever had ... here at Zamora's EXCELLENT Home Made Food!

Rotary Club playing a good trick!

(That's a Hershey's Kiss Carol Sullivan is holding!)

MSJC Student Volunteers

Ms. Menifee Valley Chamber 2011
Tina Walker

Ms. Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce 2010
Margarita Castillo


  1. There is something very unappealing to the parking lot at MSJC it seems. Every event at Wheatfield, or even our youth fairs at Lazy Creek, seems to have a bigger draw than the MSJC events. What's up with that?