John Stossel on the Stock Market - Royal American Financial Advisors

Based here in Menifee, Royal American Financial Advisors, is a California registered adviser firm that will be bringing series of videos to Menifee 24/7 every Monday to help you with your investments.

In 1992, John Stossel did a piece on 20/20 where he picked out investments by throwing darts, and beat the "experts"...

If you try and pick individual stocks, just like gambling, you may get lucky from time to time. However, just like in gambling, the more you pull the lever (the more you trade), the greater the likelihood you underperform the markets over time.

John Borger and Scott Buchanan of Royal American Financial Advisors understand the market and can help you with your investment goals, be it mutual funds, insurance, annuities, REITs, stocks, bonds, managed futures, private placement offerings and retirement plans.

Contact them at (951) 679-2065, or visit them online at:


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