Trash Pickup Will Soon Be Changing Its Schedule

The City of Menifee and Waste Management have agreed to change the trash collection schedule in an e...

The City of Menifee and Waste Management have agreed to change the trash collection schedule in an effort to cut down on traffic and noise, cut back expenses for Waste Management, and even increase recycling pickup to once a week.

Currently, Waste Management runs their trucks throughout Menifee five days a week. Under the new schedule, they'll only run their trucks four days a week under a much more organized route map.

As a result of the reorganization, they'll save enough time and expense to pick up recycling every week, at no additional cost, instead of every other week as is the case now.

Current Trash Pick Up Map

New Trash Pick Up Map

Blue = Monday pickup
Red = Tuesday pickup
Yellow = Wednesday pickup
Green = Thursday pickup
Orange = Friday pickup

Discussions over rerouting took place last year during negotiations over the new Waste Management contract. Had the city not rerouted the pickup schedule it could have lead to higher costs in the near future.

The new pickup route and schedule will begin April 4, 2011.

Waste Management will be sending out notices to everyone, and will also host a series of town hall meetings soon to explain the changes.

They will also run a two-week grace period where trucks will come through your neighborhood twice a week, once on the old schedule, and again on the new schedule, just to help you adjust, at no additional cost.

If you happen to put your trashbins on the curb on the old schedule, during the two-week grace period, Waste Management will place a tag on your trashbin just to remind you of the new pickup schedule.


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  1. It would be nice if when we clicked on the maps they would allow for us to enlarge them to see the street names.
    This is a great plan and makes perfect sense. It should also reduce fuel costs to Waste Management and also cut down on emissions spewed from the trucks.

  2. @Anonymous, I just fixed the links on the maps so that you can click on them and see much larger images.

  3. Anonymous