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PJ’s Toy Box is a consignment boutique specializing in children’s clothing, toys, strollers, and so ...

pjs toy box menifeePJ’s Toy Box is a consignment boutique specializing in children’s clothing, toys, strollers, and so much more. You never know what treasure you will find, at up to 70% off retail prices.

Parents know children outgrow clothing after minimal wear. Toys become boring and relegated to the closet, then the garage, and finally take over the whole house. The answer to this dilemma is to take these treasures to PJ’s Toy Box. PJ’s offers an opportunity for folks to get more from their child’s gently used items, and a place to pick up nearly-new inexpensive treasures.

Grandparents and Great Grandparents also enjoy shopping at PJ’s. They often have multiple grandchildren and enjoy the guilty-free shopping experience because they can afford to buy toys and clothes for all their little grandkids without breaking the budget.

The most often asked question is, “How does this work?”

PJ’s offers store credit as payment for most items, such as clothing and toys. Larger value items such as designer bags or strollers are made available on a consignment basis; in this case the person will get their portion of the sale in cash - after the item sells.

PJ's check and clean everything before making it available for sale. However, clean and freshly laundered items will garner a higher return on your money. Lastly, and most important, they check for manufacturer recalls, and suggest you do the same before bringing your treasures into the store.

“I’ve considered opening a store for a long time. However, it wasn’t until the opportunity, presented as unemployment, pushed me to the final step in realizing this dream,” said local businesswoman, Patricia Sims. “As a resident of Menifee I know first-hand the great people we have in this city; so when it came time to look for a location for the store Menifee was the only place I would consider. The people that come into PJ’s Toy Box are wonderful, we talk and joke; my only regret is that I did not open the store years ago.”

PJ’s Toy Box is located at 26900 Newport Rd, #106, Menifee. Store hours are Monday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, the phone number is #951-679-4999. Check us out on Facebook, we post pictures of new items almost daily. What a fun way to save money.

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