Margarita Castillo – Serving Beautifully

The “Mrs. Menifee Valley Chamber” sash draped around her body, with the sparkling crown accompanying...

The “Mrs. Menifee Valley Chamber” sash draped around her body, with the sparkling crown accompanying the title, pales in comparison to the beauty that exudes from Margarita Castillo’s shining smile. The beauty, coming from the joy within, lights up the room and warms the hearts of all who meet her. Her kindness and charm are evident the moment her eyes lock into those of a stranger, and pull them into her benevolent presence. Serving as the reigning Queen for 2010, Margarita has served her public well, representing Menifee at countless events with an extended hand and open heart.

Service should be Margarita’s middle name. Married to Art Castillo for 26 years, and Vice President of their business, Castillo Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. for 23 of those years, she has been devoted to service within her own world. Mother of 7 children, Margarita knows what devotion means. “All of my children are good students, and our family is so close. My children, Angela, age 24, Amanda, age 23, Anna, age 21, Andrea, age 18, Adriana, age 15, Arturo Jr., age 11 and Antonio, age 8, all live at home and two of my daughters work for the business. We spend Sundays together as Family Days. We have a good time just hanging out!”

But devotion to family is only the beginning of the responsibilities Margarita has assumed. Along with being Mrs. Menifee Valley Chamber 2010, she is also the Menifee Valley Chamber Ambassador Chairperson, The Chamber Ribbon Cutting Event Chairperson, and Cursillo and Chairperson of the Ultreya with Blessed Theresa of Calcutta. Her duties with the Chamber require her to attend multiple Chamber events, which she doesn’t see as a requirement, but as an honor to serve. She and the other Ambassadors greet members, introduce members to one another, help members network and facilitate business connections. “We are the face of the Chamber, and we take that very seriously.” She is also a licensed cosmetologist and an Arbonne Representative. Working as Vice President for Castillo Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., is a full-time position, so when asked, “Where do you find the time,” she just smiled that warm, joyful smile.

“I lived and died by the calendar, up until I had my fourth child. At that point, I just couldn’t keep it all straight! Now, I just do the important things first, and if I have time, I do the rest. Life is too short! I don’t want my kids to remember me only barking orders at them. Enjoying life is important to me and I want it to be important to my children too. Now, with all 7 children at home, Art and I are so happy! Now, we truly enjoy the laughter in our home.”

Serving her family, her community and her friends with joy and beauty are the very hallmarks of Margarita’s life. With a genuine happiness in her heart, her love of life fills everyone whom she touches. A true Queen, serving beautifully.