Paul David - A Date With A Dream

When Paul David relocated from Carlsbad to Menifee in the midst of the blazing hot summer of 2008, he came here with a dream to fulfill. With his wife Christine, a striking tall blond and his two very young children, Cody and Chloe, Paul’s goals were more than just for his family; his dreams were to build a better community. Armed with 20 years experience as a personal trainer, his degree from Cal State Long Beach in Exercise Physiology, multiple certifications in the field of Health and Fitness, Paul took on the General Manager position at Menifee Valley Athletic Club with fervor.

“It bothers me when I hear people say that they want to get in shape first, and then join a gym. That means that we are not doing our job! We are sending the wrong message! Our Mission Statement here at Menifee Valley Athletic Club is ‘Get Fit AND Stay Fit’ and for me that is more than a statement, it’s a promise. A promise to our clients and to the community.”

As a trainer to wealthy clients in La Jolla and his experiences with gyms in the past, Paul saw a need to bridge the gap between the two. “I wanted to bring to the gym what a personal trainer offers, in a social, nurturing, supportive setting. Just because Menifee doesn’t have the notoriety of a large city doesn’t mean we can’t offer excellent fitness instruction and options, with incredible, dedicated staff members.”

For Paul, this concept began with his staff. Instilling a set of core values in each and every staff member was crucial. Concepts such as listening, encouraging, humility, service, learning, thoughtfulness, and honesty are the basic footholds of their creed. “Embrace each person’s uniqueness,” Value #5, is just one of the thought provoking and sincere values embodied by the club staff. When asked, Paul reluctantly confessed to creating the list of the 10 Core Values, exercising #10, “Stay Humble.” This list is not something the staff usually share, it is something they exhibit in every aspect of their jobs, and for some, their lives.

Serving his clients and staff with constant education on the very latest in training techniques, providing that training to all staff members, creating an invigorated atmosphere to get healthy wasn’t enough for Paul. Bringing to life the Menifee Valley Day Spa and re-imagining the Kid’s Club, where children absolutely run from the front door to the Club to participate, were only two more aspects to meeting the Athletic Club’s needs. But Paul’s vision was even greater.

“My dream was to have a place where I could reach out to a great many people and help as many as I possibly could. I talk to our members, who are also community members, every day, and truly that is the best part of my day. When I think of community, I think it is more that the place where I earn a living, the place where my children go to school. I want not only to give back to my family, my staff and my clients, but to the city that supports us. We have a moral responsibility to do so. WE are the community. You and me. Why not get involved?”

For Paul, involvement includes creating an annual fundraiser for the Community Cupboard in which $3,600 was donated just this year. He is also the incoming President of the Rotary Club of Menifee, an service organization dedicated to eradicating polio, and numerous other philanthropic endeavors. He recently was on the committee for the Veterans 5K Run, which raised funds for the Veterans Memorial in Wheatfield Park that was dedicated on November 11, 2010. He is on numerous other committees, which support awareness and promote health and fitness as well. Recently he began working with a local resident Amirah Dalton to create the 10K Ethan's Run on April 30th, 2011. This run is geared to raise funds for research for children’s heart defects, and will benefit Loma Linda Hospital Children’s Cardiac Unit. When his one of his staff was recently accosted in a parking lot, Paul stepped into action and created a new class at the Club, one of the 70 they offer, teaching Self Defense. Donating time to Outward Bound, an outdoor education program aimed to foster the personal growth and social skills of young participants, combines his tremendous love for the outdoors with his desire to teach fitness and be of service.

With so much accomplished in such a short time, I asked Paul what was left. “My goal is to climb Mt. McKinley, which is also called Denali, located in Alaska. It is the tallest mountain in the United States, which at its highest point is 20,320 feet tall. I'm doing it not only as a personal challenge, but to raise funds to eradicate polio.” When asked when he plans on doing this, he replied, “I give myself 3 years. I know the importance of setting a time line, because the only difference between a dream and a goal is a date. I guess you could call it a date with a dream.”

Paul David
Elevate Fitness
29683 New Hub Dr, Suite D
Menifee, CA 92586
(951) 301-4499


  1. good guy and great place to go work out - you go Paul!


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