Murrieta Rd Will Be Closed For Eight Months Starting February 21

Update (Feb 15, 2011): Rob Johnson with the City of Menifee relayed to me this morning via Twitter that they are going to remove the barrier at La Piedra Rd & White Fir Dr, and pave it all the way through to Murrieta Rd, and have it done before February 21, 2011. Hence the alternate route will continue along La Piedra Rd.

FYI, the Murrieta Rd closure will remained closed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for eight months.

Original article below...

The City of Menifee announced on its Twitter feed today that Murrieta Rd will be closed between San Quintin Rd and La Piedra Rd beginning February 21, 2011 and lasting until October 11, 2011.

The closure is due to construction work relating to the Audie Murphy Ranch Project.

The City recommended an alternate route connecting Evans Rd to Murrieta Rd via La Piedra Rd. However, La Piedra Rd does not actually go all the way through. There's a barrier preventing traffic.

It appears the correct alternate route is to take Holland Rd to Murrieta Rd.

La Piedra Rd does not actually allow through traffic due to a barrier in the road.
Holland Rd appears to be the correct alternate route.


  1. Not good for families in West Menifee who have kids @ Menifee Valley Middle School. Seems it adds insult to injury when we already have a significant detour due to the Railroad Canyon road closure due to the bridge improvement.

  2. Closed 24/7??? Or for certain hours of the day?

  3. I have to is going to be very difficult for the bus service and parents to get their children to the middle school..its a nightmare anyway...I am not impressed in the least with the Audie Murphy ranch construction anyway..they've been destroying nesting grounds of burrowing owls, and using black powder to blow up boulders close to existing houses....

  4. I have to agree -- this is going to make dropping kids off at the middle school horrible. Who is in charge of this? Not that they care what they are doing to the families that have to deal with this. And till October? Traffic in Menifee is not well planned.

  5. La Piedra will be paved prior to the road closure to provide an alternate route. The map is being updated to reflect that information.

  6. Does not seem well thought out. I use Murrieta Rd to get to Evans Ranch. Even w/La Piedra being expanded it will be a mess. Evans Ranch drop off is on La Piedra (at the back of the school), hopefully drop off site can be revised. Eight mos seem quite long, especially 24/7. Menifee always has had road issues and continues the tradition. Is the closure just for construction traffic..are any improvements going to happen on Murrieta Rd???

  7. Why are we going to endure eight months of detours when there doesn't seem to be any plans straighten out the mess that Murrieta road has been in for over five years.
    If we're doing all this inconvenience for Murphys' Ranch why not get Murrieta road straightened out once and for all. We sure don't need more noise, homes and traffic nightmares. I.E. turning left on to Holland from Red Fox
    is dangerous enough now with the hill on the right and with al of the added traffic it will even be more dangerous. Look for some real horrendous accidents to happen in the future.

  8. Who approved this? Closing the road during specific times of the day I understand. But 24/7 for 8 months?!! Absolutely ridiculous. This Audie Murphy Ranch has been nothing but a disaster from the beginnning. Causing road closures and construction problems seem to be their "M.O." Not only does this screw up middle school commutes, but for those of us south of Holland, it's going to be even more of a nightmare trying to get to CWM or ERE in the morning. The high school backup at Bradley & Holland is insane.

  9. What happened, I thought Audie Murphy Ranch project was abandoned by the developer? What does the construction consist of? Are we going to get a new road for 8 months of traffic headaches? Eight months of 24/7 closure seems a bit much.

  10. So now it looks like Murrieta Road is postponed or is it, no warning signs for the past two weeks, that should be good, they should worry about repairing Murrieta Road and Bradley Road over Salt Creek before worrying about straightening out Murrieta Road, it is in good shape just too curvy for some of you 'city folk', leave it the way it is and not change the image just for the newcomers to the area.


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