City Authorizes Plans and Drawings for Culvert Replacement at Bradley Road

The City of Menifee took the first step towards reducing the flooding on Bradley Road.

Two weeks ago we reported that the project was under consideration. Last Tuesday the city council authorized $5,930.00 to prepare plans to replace the 30" pipes with a set of box culverts designed to allow more water to pass below Bradley Rd, and thereby reduce flooding.

The city will hire a couple of design contractors to develop surveys and engineering drawings. When finished, Don Allison, the city's chief engineer, will present options to the city council.

If the final project is approved, the expected cost is about $300,000.00 to be paid for out of the city's Measure A funds. Construction would eventually be performed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Bradley Rd: These two pipes are the only defense against road flooding

Murrieta Rd: This is the culvert that Bradley Rd will be getting

City council members voiced concerns that while the larger box culverts appear to be better than the 30" pipes that are currently there, that Bradley Road will continue to flood, and hence questioned if spending $300,000.00 would provide any significant value.

"It won't keep Bradley Road from flooding over" Don Allison explained. "But it will definitely reduce the amount of flooding." Allison went on to say that the designs they're considering will carry enough water that flooding would be limited to just an hour during the heaviest rains.

John Smelser, a Heritage Lake resident, presented a slide show of photos he took at various crossings along Salt Creek to point out the City should instead save its money to build a bridge or raise the road elevation. He showed photos of the bridge over Menifee Rd, and a raised road with box culverts at Linderberger Rd, and pointed out that these roads didn't flood.

Councilman Fred Twyman asked Allison if Bradley Road could be raised similarly to Lindenberger Road. Allison responded that raising the road at Bradley, but still utilizing box culverts, would still be a temporary solution, and that it would be more cost effective to go with this cheaper alternative and keep an eye towards building a permanent bridge in the future.

Allison said that building a permanent bridge would cost between $4 to $5 million.


  1. I'm glade their trying to improve the salt creek flood area on Bradley but is this improvement just going to quicken the flooding down stream? It all flows down stream than backs up...just a matter of time. shouldn't we look further into the complete flow?

  2. I agree Anonymous, I tend to believe the flooding is actually caused by Normandy Rd, where the water backs up all the way to Murrieta Rd. But still, the bigger culvert is needed at Bradley.