Catharine Shepard - Wisdom for the Ages

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” ~Anne Frank

Catharine Shepard and her partner Wendi Hashimoto own Senior Care Referral Specialists, a free service to help families find appropriate senior care options. Having a combined 15 years of experience in the eldercare field, they have assisted thousands of families in search of senior living and care. I met recently with Catharine, and she explained how she and Wendi could offer this free service.

“Hundreds of care agencies and care communities pay us to provide referrals at no cost on the back end to our clients. Many of the referral companies that offer a similar service are internet companies who work from lists of properties without firsthand knowledge of them. We regularly visit the care settings, and work hand in hand with our clients, getting to know their needs, working with them personally and guiding them to appropriate options. We also are referred to by many professionals in the senior care field. We educate our clients on which questions to ask and what to look for when they visit the facilities to which we refer them, so they can have their specific needs met. We are a resource for all types of senior care.”

“There are so many facets to personalized care. Social Workers are overwhelmed with the needs of families now. The Baby Boomers are now seeing their parents age to a point of needing specialized care. Between Menifee and Temecula, there are over 100 care facilities, but due to the specific clinical and budgetary needs of each client, perhaps only 5 of those facilities would be a good choice to visit for any one family. We help our clients narrow down those options based on the specific clinical needs of their aging parent. We take into consideration location, budget, clinical needs, social needs, and pets. We can refer our clients to movers, attorneys, estate sales specialists, mobility stores, VA benefit provision, and more.”

“Of course, cost is always a factor. Many clients don’t even realize all of the options they have, because they are unaware of benefits they may have. Pricing can vary at facilities based on care levels and specials offered. We are up to date on all of these aspects consistently.”

Catharine speaks from experience, not just her education in the field. She spoke of having to help her own mother find an assisted living facility. “I would worry after she moved out of our home. I wondered if she was crying or if she was scared. The guilt was so strong.” She found that when she would call her mother on the phone, her mother was usually too busy and having too much fun to chat. "She was taking bus trips, playing Bridge, taking walks with her friends, and really enjoying herself. I was so relieved!”

More than anything, Catharine is so pleased to be helping others with her education and experience. “This is the only job in my life that I get, ‘Thank you! You’re an angel’ almost everyday.”

To reach Catharine Shepard or Wendi Hashimoto at Senior Care Referral Specialists, call 951.824.8299 or visit their website:


  1. that is so great more and more people are getting involved and doing back round checks! what about for those who are interested in working to help with our seniors , its a great feeling when they feel safe and content with the person thats there to help!

  2. She helped us find the perfect place for our Nana when she was in the end stages of Alzheimer's.


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