Menifee Police Busts Christmas Thief

Menifee Police reported early this morning that they arrested 33-year old Miguel Sanchez of Menifee for stealing Christmas gifts from a vehicle yesterday.

The department's Special Enforcement Team has gone undercover in a holiday enforcement program at businesses within Countryside Marketplace and are monitoring activity.

"The Menifee Police Department would like everyone to know we are actively conducting enforcement during the holidays to help ensure the safety of shoppers and their property." reports Sergeant Tim Elwell. "The criminal element should be aware that their actions will be spotted by uniformed or undercover officers."

Never leave purchases in plain sight inside your car; lock items in the trunk or cover them.


  1. While ideally I would love to see a police officer or code enforcement officer writing up the ridiculous number of offenders at every corner in our city, I am very grateful that I see them quite often in our shopping centers and commend them for their diligence and dedication. If only all citizens gave a darn we could be one great city! Step up Menifites and obey the laws. At least give it a shot. And while you are at something nice for another everyday...wouldn't it be great to live in the kindest city in the U.S.? Have a good one! Thank you Sgt. Elwell and team!